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‘The Art and Science of Baseball’ – With Coach Scott Brown, Vanderbilt University

Scott Brown, pitching coach at Vanderbilt University calls himself a “high energy guy”…and it’s that high energy that led him to find Rapsodo. His unending search for ways to improve his pitcher’s performance led him to look for additional data to support his theories for bolstering his battery of arms, which in turn led him to Rapsodo’s doorstep.

In this video, Coach Brown discusses the differences he sees between ‘the art and science of baseball’. Where old school, decades-old learned methodologies are given new life when the data behind those inferences is unveiled. The Vandy pitching coach goes on to explain how he was able to tackle new pitching metrics such as spin, spin rate, and spin efficiency with the help of Rapsodo, to help his pitchers go out and perform their best when a big out was needed.

Scott goes further in-depth, in this 14-minute video than any user that we have interviewed, providing behind-the-scenes insights into not just how he cracked the code with Rapsodo, but into what the very best pitching coaches at the top of the game do to find an edge in the game. Cutting edge insights, made actionable with the intuitive platform brought to the game by Rapsodo.