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Coach Mike White Of Oregon on Using Rapsodo To Develop New Pitch Grips for Softball

Since our initial launch in the softball community, Rapsodo has amassed an advisory panel with Mike White of Oregon, Cindy Bristow of Softball Excellence, John Tschida of Saint Thomas, Pat Murphy from Alabama, Mike Candrea of Arizona, Melyssa Lombardi of Oklahoma and Matt Lisle of South Carolina.

Up at Oregon, Mike White first heard about Rapsodo from John Tschida from Saint Thomas, who he played with previously in the men’s game. According to Coach White, Rapsodo offers a simple and intuitive dashboard and “more information is a good thing!” The feature Mike enjoys the most is looking at the ‘true ball path’ which calculates the movement of the ball with spin in relation to what the ball would have done without spin.

Coach goes on to discuss his team’s use of Rapsodo in pitch development. By focusing on multiple pitch grips in a bullpen setting, he has worked with his staff to develop new and better pitches based on each of their individual results. In his own words,  “a lot of this is cause and effect, it’s physics, and the ball is only going to move in the direction it’s spinning.”

“We can look to recommend Rapsodo to different levels, I think it can be used at all levels. I don’t think you can be too young to learn how the spin orientation affects a pitch and the movement…going right from the junior level all the way up to that professional level, I believe there is a place for Rapsodo in your coaching kit.”

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