Remote Pulse Monitor Technology

Rapsodo develops data measurement systems beyond golf and sports, available for evaluation and licensing. The Remote Pulse Monitor technology is a proprietary solution based on imaging configured to measure heart rate of moving individuals (photoplethysmograph or PPG). It can work as off-the-shelf monitoring device. Possible applications go beyond the scope of sports, and is particularly interesting for companies and authorities looking for solutions helping in the fields of safety, health and defense. Eye-tracking technology may be specifically developed for in-vehicle driver monitoring.


PPG Offsetting Light Changes

Remote Pulse Monitor technology has been completed in October 2014 and is now the best in its category thanks to two main specs:
– It achieves removal of light artifacts, making it possible to work with accuracy in changing lighting conditions
– It succeeds in determining acceleration data and correcting for blur artifacts
Rapsodo’s hardware-software combination features a proprietary method of “spatially color-corrected chrominance-based motion artifact reduction”.

The camera captures continuous images of a subject in order to deliver the pulse measurement: the system tracks the face, converts the various pixels into time series signals and processes those signals to extract the pulse rate of the subject.


Tested with different lights, skins, environments

Validation tests have been conducted with the solution integrated directly in equipment, making it possible to measure the pulse without wearing or holding a detection device.

Test locations covered fluorescent lighting versus natural lighting.

Subjects were chosen to be diverse in gender, skin color, facial hair, make-up application, fitness level, and size. Cheeks and forehead were used as detection areas.


Accuracy performance

Control signal was a chest strap heart monitor Polar H7 connected to the same PC via Bluetooth. Tests were conducted to compare heart rate measurement performance of the system over a different range of motion on the same subject.

The IP solution achieved a superior performance under moderate motion. Rapsodo is keen to further work on performance for variations of motion.


Threat & Security, In-vehicle monitoring

The capability to measure the vital signals of subjects in motion, while offsetting the lighting conditions, allows pulse rate reading to be incorporated into different applications beyond sports, like well-being, security and stress management. The data signal may include, but is not limited to, pulse rate, breathing rate, oxygen saturation, and heart rate variability, among many other signals.

Security & Crowd
Threat Detection

Remote measurement can filter suspicious individuals out from a crowd, used as threat detection.

Security Checkpoint

Another security application can be for immigration checkpoint clearance process.

Health & Safety
In-vehicle monitoring of vital signs

Heart rate can help in triggering safety alerts. Transport companies can use it to be alerted of sudden changes in the physical state of drivers working on long distance rides.

Entertainment Devices
Pulsometer based games

The system may be configured to operate with a consumer entertainment product like a TV, game console, or any other environment in which measurement of pulse rate is required or of interest.


Evaluation kits are available

The completed solution is based on a device that comprises a RGB camera, accelerometer, memory and an electrically-coupled processor, assembled as a small unit with an off-the-shelf camera.

The data signals can be transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth, or wired to a display device to give users feedback.

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