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Rapsodo Pitching Application Tour

Downloading the Application:

The Rapsodo Pitching Application can be downloaded for free on the Apple Store (Rapsodo Baseball). The Windows version can be downloaded directly from the Home Page at Scroll down to find “Download Our Free App” in the middle of the page. Once the application is downloaded, you can login and start training!


  • Windows PC version (10/8/7)
  • IPad Air, Air2 or iPad Pro with iOS 10 or later
  • Surface Pro

Connecting to the Unit:

The first step is to connect the Rapsodo Pitching Monitor to the application. Before opening the application, the user must turn on the monitor. The back of the monitor will show a red light. If connected to PC by USB, the user can click the Wi-Fi button on the left side of the Home Page and follow the calibration instructions. If connecting wirelessly, go to Wi-Fi settings on your device and choose the Rapsodo option. Re-open the application and select the Wi-Fi button on the left side of the screen in the application.

App Home Page:

Figure 1

Data Points:

Now let’s dive into the Rapsodo Pitching Application! The Home Page (Figure 1) is where all data is shown during a bullpen. After a pitch is thrown, the application provides instant analytic feedback. The only manual part of the application is selecting the “Pitch Type” in the bottom left corner of the Home Page. Select the correct pitch and begin your bullpen! After a pitch is thrown, the application will display the data on the Home Page. In figure 2, there are examples of baseball and softball pitches. The Rapsodo Pitching Monitor is compatible with both softball and baseball. From left-right and top-bottom, the Rapsodo data points are:
  • Velocity
  • Total Spin (rpm of the pitch)
  • Spin Axis (rotation of the ball in correlation with a clock)
  • Spin Efficiency (percentage of “true spin” or “useful spin” on the pitch)
  • True Spin (amount of rpm that is correlating directly to the break of the pitch)
  • Horizontal and Vertical Break (inches)
  • Pitch Count
  • Pitch Type
  • 3D Ball Path with Strike Zone

Figure 2

Changing Pitchers:

To change profiles, simply click the red carrot that is in the top left corner of the Home Page. By clicking the carrot, you will then see all activated players in your subscription (Figure 3). Use the letters and scroll bar to select the correct player profile. Once a profile is selected, the Home Page will be updated with the correct player profile. That player can then begin their bullpen!
Figure 3

Team Management Tab:

Selecting the “Team Management” tab on the left side of the Home Page will pull up all activated profiles that are currently on subscription. The Rapsodo base package is 25 player profiles. More player profiles can be added in increments of 25.
Figure 4

 Team Management History:

Click a profile on the Team Management Tab (Figure 4) to open up the Team Management History Tab. This is where players and coaches can go to review all bullpen data. In figure 5, there is an arrow pointing to the calendar. Select a date range to display all pitches thrown on an account in the selected time period. Pitch Type, 3 Days, 1 Month and 1 Week are user friendly tabs in the top right corner. These tabs allow for customized date range and pitch types. Once a date range is selected, the user can see the velocity chart, horizontal/vertical break, strike zone and 3D ball flight of each pitch! Figure 6 shows a pitch selected on the velocity chart. The selected pitch then highlights red throughout the data points. Scroll through to review each pitch!
Figure 5                                                                                                                Figure 6
On the 3D ball path section, there is a Side (S), Top (T) and Cather (C ) view. These three views can be used to see the ball path from each angle. On the side and top view, break markers show the first and second inch of break. Figure 7 shows an example of side view vertical break. The pitch in figure 7 is showing that the first inch of vertical break is taking place at 24.9 feet from the plate. The second inch of vertical break is at 17.2 feet from the plate. As seen in figure 6 and 7, there is a dotted line and a red line for ball path. The red line is the actual ball path of the selected pitch. The dotted line is showing a projection of where the pitch would have traveled without the effect of spin. Example: Figure 6 and 7 both show the dotted line finishing lower than the red line. This is due to back spin keeping the ball up on the “actual ball path”.
Figure 7

Team Management History Page 2:

Toggle over to the second page of the History Tab at the bottom of the application (see figure 8). On this page, the player and coach will see raw data of each pitch. On figure 8, there are camera icons on each pitch. The ones that are bolded have a video saved. Clicking the camera icon will bring up the saved video with data overlay. Selecting a pitch will bring up a History Tab that is very similar to the home page (see figure 9). Figure 9 is the final History Tab in the Rapsodo Pitching Application. It displays all of the data points that were initially registered on the Home Page. This is one of the prime pages to dissect each pitch. Which spin axis is generating the most movement? And at what velocity? what rpm? These are just a few of the questions that go into Rapsodo Pitch Design.
Figure 8                                                                                                                Figure 9

Video Functionality

The Rapsodo Video Function can only be used when connected to an iPad. Click the camera icon on the left side of the Home Page (figure 10). Once selected, there will be a live video feed in the bottom right corner of the application. The iPad and Rapsodo Pitching Monitor will automatically communicate wirelessly to correctly crop and save the video to the History Tab (see Figure 8)
Figure 10                                                                                                             Figure 11

Thank you for checking out the Rapsodo Pitching Application Tour!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 844-772-7763, or on our social media sites! We are happy to schedule webinars to show more of the application and discuss features!

Rapsodo Team Member

-Brian Page