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Your Personal Launch Monitor

Rapsodo has engineered the latest golf solution to grow confidence in your game with an outstanding and affordable personal monitor that operates as practice-and-play and provides real-time data of shots with the highest accuracy.

Practice requires time, making it efficient requires constant and sound feedback. With our launch monitor, you can now carry on training off the range, and just like professionals, analyze statistics of your shots and watch your progress in actual numbers. You will understand precisely how your ball flies and which aspects need improvement.

Shot and ball flight’s simulation displayed on your tablet or phone provides immediate feedback on ball speed; horizontal & vertical launch angles; back spin & side spin axis and shot distance.

Learn from the feedback, hit the ball again, and watch how your shots improve and lead you to master your game.

Wireless, lightweight and portable, it can be used at home, at the office, for club fitting or anywhere one can find the space to hit some balls.


It takes only 3 simple steps


Accurate and packed with features

Using a high speed camera system, Rapsodo’s launch monitor brings unprecedented precision in measuring the quality of your ball flight. From the instant you hit the ball, it rapidly captures multiple shot frames with superior accuracy and precision. Shot images are analyzed by proprietary algorithms to measure the ball’s speed, spin and launch angle, and calculates the distance travelled. It then passes these measurements through our flight model to project a ball flight simulation with maximum precision.

High speed digital camera system
Accelerometer based correction
Built in laser pointer for easy ball placement
4 hours battery life, rechargeable using micro USB cable
Wifi connectivity for instant display on mobile device
Beautifully designed 3D golf range showing ball flight path
Small size unit that weighs less than 2 pounds (750g)
Total Carry Distance with selectable units
Ball speed, accurate within +/- 1mph
Vertical Launch Angle, accurate within +/- 1 degree
Horizontal Launch Angle, accurate within +/- 2 degrees
Ball Spin, horizontal axis, accurate within +/- 250 rpm
Ball Spin, vertical axis, accurate within +/- 250 rpm
Shot and Shape analysis


Professional yet Affordable

Our launch monitor delivers the measurements with accuracy comparable to the best devices on the market, but at a fraction of the price.

Many launch monitors use expensive Doppler or radar technology to track where the golf ball lands. This technology is sensitive to wind conditions, so when used outdoors, is unable to produce accurate launch data.

Rapsodo, on the other hand, uses photometric measurement technology. It takes a series of high speed photographs, capturing the first few inches of ball flight. Since it accurately records the reaction of the golf ball to your swing within such a small space, its performance indoors and outdoors, has a high level of accuracy. Wind has no effect on the readings.

It is so effective that it makes it a serious tool for any golfer looking to reduce their handicap and improve their scorecard.


Exclusively available through our partners

You can find the SkyTrak launch monitor at our partners, SkyTrak Golf in U.S.A. and GPRO in Japan.