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3 Takeaways From 2020 PGA Merchandise Show

Whether it was the TV’s in the background showing endless replay videos with shot tracers, GPS satellite view pictures, and our star-studded advisory board, the Rapsodo booth at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show attracted people from all around the world.  As the guys over at Practical Golf  said, “the booth was packed the entire show!”  

As a first-time attendee of the PGA Show, I was absolutely blown away with everything I saw. The amount of booths and people that walked through the show was insane. I was able to meet a lot of great people and leaders in the golf industry, both new and put a face to name with people who I have been talking with over the months prior to.   

The three biggest takeaways that I took away from the show was the increase in technology being used by teaching professionals of all ages, impact of our partnership with Golf Digest, and love we received from some of the biggest names in golf.  

#1 – Increase in Technology being used by Teaching Professionals of all ages 

When I first came to the show, I was focused on talking about the MLM to teachers of all ages, but did not feel like the older generation would be as interested as they were at the show.  They understand that this is where the world of sports is headed toward and they need to catch up if they want to stay in business. 

In talking with advisory board member, Mike Malaska, he confirmed this ideology by saying the MLM is his go-to teaching tool and is a great source of validation to what he is relaying to his students.  

#2 – Impact of the partnership with Golf Digest 

On the opening day of the PGA Show floor, we announced our partnership with Golf Digest to create a platform called Coach Connect to connect Rapsodo’s MLM with Golf Digest Schools’ digital instruction content from top instructors. 

Together, these technologies will create powerful game-improvement experiences for golfers of all skill levels. Throughout the show people were coming to our booth wanting to learn more after hearing about Coach Connect and how it can increase clientele and revenue for their business.  Instructors were wanting to sign up right then and there, but we had to remind them that the platform will launch this spring.  

#3 – Special Guests at the Rapsodo Booth 

At demo day, we had so many people of all ages and skill levels come by and hit some shots on the MLM to see it in real time. 

We also had some names that most people in the golf industry know.  Sir Nick Faldo stopped by in the afternoon to test it out for himself and was very intreged by the shot tracer feature that the MLM displays.  

Sir Nick Faldo

 Some of the top Long Drive players in the country stopped by to hit some shots as well, and even had a mini competition between some of them while they were there.  Justin Moose, Stephen Kois, and Ryan Reisbeck were just a few to name.  

All throughout the week, we had visits from some of top instructors in the country like Mike Malaska, Mark Blackburn, and Sasho MacKenzie that are big advocates for the MLM.  Mike Napolean from SuperSpeed came over on demo day and at the show booth to give a presentation showing the impact of their training and incorporating the MLM to calculate the increase in club speed before and after.  

Mark Blackburn

We received lots of great feedback to take back to the office and continue to improve the customer experience! We are excited for the next app updates coming to the MLM to enhance your practice sessions and launching Coach Connect in the spring.