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Jake Newman

College Golf Programs Use Rapsodo in Seeking Championship Title

Programs that use MLMs from all 3 NCAA divisions, NJCAA, and NAIA were named conference champions across the nation. The University of Connecticut Men’s Golf team (NCAA D1), Maryville University of Saint Louis (NCAA D2), and Stevens Institute of Technology (NCAA D3) took care of the 3 NCAA divisions. South Mountain Community College won their conference championship in the NJCAA, and Ottawa University of Arizona held on to win their conference championship in the NAIA.

Rapsodo Golf Hosts Virtual Competitions with Nextgengolf Partner

While this pandemic has taken away a lot of things for many people, it has also allowed us to get creative and try many new things that may not have been thought of before. At Rapsodo, we planned on being at multiple Nextgengolf tournaments around the country over the past few months but were unable to attend due to the pandemic.

3 Takeaways From 2020 PGA Merchandise Show

Whether it was the TV’s in the background showing endless replay videos with shot tracers, GPS satellite view pictures, and our star-studded advisory board, the Rapsodo booth at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show attracted people from all around the world.