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Justin Aguiar

Justin Aguiar is an Inside Sales & Ops Coordinator at Rapsodo. Justin received his B.S. and M.S. in Kinesiology from Mississippi State University where he was an Undergraduate Video Assistant and Graduate Assistant Video Coordinator for baseball. He was also an MiLB Video/Player Development Intern for the Texas Rangers in 2015. Justin fell in love with baseball at an early age, influenced both by his father’s Cuban heritage and growing up in Atlanta during the Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz era. While his playing career was very short, that did not deter him from continuing to learn about the game and find a way to stay involved in sports. He started off helping his high school’s football program by filming practices and games, which granted him the opportunity to join the athletic department’s sports video team at Mississippi State. Justin specializes in Pitch Development and Pitch Design. He is an avid watch enthusiast, particularly favoring mechanical timepieces. His current favorite in his collection is a Hamilton Pilot Pioneer Auto and his dream watch is a stainless steel Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712. Questions for Justin? Email him at justin@rapsodo.com.

Why I “Had to Go” Watch Mississippi State Win the College World Series

“When I say the Mississippi Sate baseball program saved my life, I mean it in the most literal sense.” Unbelievable. Immaculate. Preternatural. While I’m sensitive to each individual’s definition of a “perfect day”, I simply cannot fathom a more incredible, awe-inspiring, and emotional experience – from a sport perspective, that is – than what I …

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Rapsodo Insight baseball swing analyzer

Rapsodo INSIGHT: The Ultimate Swing Analysis Tool

An average baseball or softball swing takes approximately 150 milliseconds to complete. While coaches and players alike have trained their eyes to look for certain markers throughout the swing, it is still an incredibly fast process to decipher, especially when developing (or breaking) hitting patterns and habits. Since an average swing takes the same amount …

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Rapsodo INSIGHT: The Complete Pitch Design Package

INSIGHT offers coaches and players the ability to collect and record numerous pitching data points and view clear, high frame rate video of each pitch at the same time. Benefits of this integration are massive, effectively removing the guesswork and shortening the feedback loop during these pitch development sessions.

How to Pitch a Changeup | Rapsodo

With the fastball and curveball profiles set for our pitcher, they now have weapons to attack the top and bottom of the zone. Between the two pitches, our pitcher covers almost three feet of vertical break (35.4 inches, to be exact) and 17.7 inches of horizontal break.