What You Need to Know About the Rapsodo National Player Database

With the 2020 high school and college baseball seasons, tournaments and events being canceled, we are opening up our player performance data.

We are creating the Rapsodo National Player Database for players, coaches and scouts. Right now coaches and scouts have limited access to player data and are unable to watch live games. We hope this helps players get their names and information out there and for coaches to be able to find players.

In order to be included in the Rapsodo National Player Database, you must complete and verify the information on your Rapsodo player profile. An email has been sent out to all players in our database to make them aware of this. 

You must verify and complete your Rapsodo player profile in order for you and your coach to continue to have access to your data on the Rapsodo Cloud. Players under 18 years old must obtain parental consent to have their data included on the Rapsodo Cloud, even if they do not want to be included in the National Player Database.

"Rapsodo has updated our parental consent policy in an effort to comply with ever-changing online regulations around storing and sharing data involving minors online. Effective immediately, we will require all users under the age of 18 to have a parental consent email sent and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. You will still be able to use these player profiles to collect data on the applications, but neither the player or the coach will be able to see the data on the Rapsodo Cloud portal until parental consent has been received. We appreciate your cooperation as we do everything in our power to keep all the players in our system safe and compliant with all regulations."


We will take the players top 5% of their data and show 3 main categories for each pitch:

  • Max Velocity
  • Max Total Spin
  • Max Total Break


We will take the players top 5% and will show 2 datapoints:

  • Max Exit Velocity
  • Max Distance

Additionally, the database will include their name, graduation year, location and position.

Once we receive confirmation from players, this information will be free and publicly displayed for coaches and scouts to use on our website. Coaches and scouts do not need a Rapsodo account to view this information.

Coaches that use Rapsodo will be able to determine if their players’ data can be included in the National Player Database.

Players should complete and verify their information as soon as possible. Questions? Contact support@rapsodo.com for more help.