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Rapsodo Certified Live

Verified In-Game Data Trusted by Scouts

Live, in-game ball tracking data for baseball and softball


Of 2020 MLB first round draft picks used Rapsodo data to build their draft stock.


“When it comes to player evaluation, Rapsodo data is a vital piece to our decision making process.”


Colleges trust Rapsodo data for recruiting, evaluating and developing players.

Rapsodo Certified Live provides real, in-game data and video for each play from our partner Realplay. It is trusted by professional scouts and college coaches.

Market your on field talent

Prove your in-game skills to scouts and coaches with live game data, showing full intent. Your Rapsodo data, videos and reports are critical to getting noticed. Every at-bat and every pitch is tracked to help you get to the next level. Rapsodo Certified Live Hitting and Pitching Packages featuring Realplay video can be easily shared with college and pro scouts.

Know your data​

Gain a competitive advantage by participating in a Rapsodo Certified Live event. Get your in-game data, hitting and pitching reports and Realplay play-by-play videos from the tournament and share them with professional scouts and college coaches.

Tournament directors: partner with us

Rapsodo Certified Live is a risk-free and unique opportunity for you to utilize technology trusted by professional scouts and college recruits, on-field during your tournament games. Transform your events, bring more teams in and offer players and teams a recruiting advantage by becoming a Rapsodo Certified Live partner.

Realplay and Rapsodo Certified Live Recruiting Packages

With Realplay and Rapsodo Certified Live Recruiting Packages all players will get high resolution video of every at bat, pitch and defensive play, with Rapsodo data on every at bat and pitch. All videos are edited and posted to your custom player profile.


Get your Rapsodo CERTIFIED LIVE in-game hitting or pitching data with video added to your Realplay player account to share with scouts and coaches. Each play throughout the tournament is recorded and documented on your personal account.


Get Rapsodo CERTIFIED LIVE hitting and pitching data with video for each of your players for every play throughout the tournament! Each player will receive access to their own Realplay player account that includes their video + data to share with coaches and scouts.ay highlight reel and Rapsodo report.


Get your Rapsodo CERTIFIED LIVE in-game report that includes your hitting and/or pitching data for the entire tournament. Share this report that includes verified Rapsodo data with coaches and scouts to get recruited faster.

Get recruited with Rapsodo Certified data.

See where you rank against your peers by having your Rapsodo Certified Data included in Rapsodo's National Player Database.

Rapsodo Certified Live Partners

2021 Tournament Schedule

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