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Diamond App

Our convenient, user-friendly app that brings you all your Rapsodo hitting and pitching data to your fingertips 

The Rapsodo Diamond App combines both PITCHING 2.0 and HITTING 2.0 data in one easy to use app. Our new User Interface (UI) design offers a clean, chic appearance and new features like 3D visuals, auto-pitch tagging and more.

Pitching and hitting data now in one app

No more switching back and forth between units and apps. The Rapsodo Diamond App automatically connects to any Rapsodo unit – HITTING 2.0, PITCHING 2.0 or INSIGHT. The app will recognize your device and reflect this it the PLAY screen in the app.

Pitching and hitting session categorization

Choose the way you train with Diamond App. Categorize your bullpen or batting cage sessions to reflect the intensity of your training. Whether its high-intensity, rehab, pitch design or batting practice, your data will be accurately reflected based on the categorization of your session.

Auto-Pitch Tagging (Baseball Only)

Our analytics team has made pitch classification convenient to you. Rapsodo Diamond App automatically identifies the type of pitch the pitcher is throwing by analyzing the characteristics of the release and the ball.

Cloud Data Subscriptions

Rapsodo Cloud seamlessly combines data analytics and player development tools into one cutting-edge platform. In partnership with Driveline, our three levels of cloud subscriptions offer a unique and personalized experience that helps coaches and players get the most out of their data.

Introducing Game Mode

Rapsodo Game Mode is an interactive and engaging way for hitters to practice, improve and compete against teammates. Game Mode helps you bring the competition to your cage. Visualize your hits like never before with 3D ball flight and real-time hit outcomes. Practice or compete head-to-head against your teammates in different games like Home Run Derby.

*Sold separately. Game Mode requires a HITTING 2.0 unit, the Rapsodo Diamond App and an iPad Pro, 2nd Generation or newer.


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