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Everything You Need to Know About Rapsodo Certified Facilities

With games and seasons canceled due to COVID-19, it has become apparent that scouting and recruiting for sports has changed. Virtual recruiting has become the norm as we had no other option.

This time has shown us that coaches and scouts will be using data analytics more than ever when recruiting and evaluating players. It has shown us that video and data is imperative for players to have. Those without this data will be left behind.

That being said, we have taken this time to develop and implement our Rapsodo Certified Facility program.

Having a facility that provides players the opportunity to get this data and video is key in staying ahead. COVID-19 kept facilities shutdown for a lengthy period of time. Facilities lost a good chunk of income during that time. Becoming a Rapsodo Certified Facility will have your facility busier than ever before.

A Rapsodo Certified Facility is a location where players can get a Certified RapScore. Rapsodo’s RapScore is the standard scale for player evaluation and development. The scale is based off all of the data Rapsodo has collected since 2016.  

Think of this like the ACT or SAT but for baseball and softball hitting and pitching. The RapScore is a quantifiable player development and evaluation tool. It takes a player’s raw data and shows their strengths and weaknesses as well as how they rank against their peers per the points that build out the RapScore. Players can only get a Certified RapScore at a Certified Facility. 

A Certified RapScore requires players to complete a standardized, scripted and structured bullpen or batting session at a Rapsodo Certified facility or event. The Rapsodo video function is required during all Certified RapScore tests. 

This ensures there is a breakdown of the athlete’s mechanics as well as the data. A blue verified badge next to a RapScore indicates it is a Certified score. Certified RapScores will be displayed on our national database that can be seen by top scouts and coaches. 

How Does My Facility Benefit from This? 

To become a Certified Facility, a facility must be approved by Rapsodo and all coaches within the facility must become Rapsodo Certified. To get approved you will need to fill out an application

Once your facility is Certified, it will be placed on a Rapsodo locator on the Rapsodo website. This tells players where they can go to get their Certified RapScore. 

A major benefit for your facility is that the program is setup as a rev-share.  The rev-share is determined on how many Certified RapScores your facility runs. The chart below outlines an example of the revenue a facility could earn in a year: 

Additionally, facilities can earn RapBucks that can be spent on our website on any products. That’s right, any product. Depending on the number of Certified RapScores, facilities can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $5,500 dollars to spend at rapsodo.com

Other benefits include getting discounts on Rapsodo products and merchandise, first looks at new products and features, and more. Facilities are also able to submit articles for review and publication on our blog that will be promoted on our social media and e-blasts.