If you have previously added players, whether that’s on the cloud portal or on a different iPad, you will need to connect your current device to an actual internet source (NOT Rapsodo WiFi) and click the sync icon.

You are using a Guest Baseball or Guest Softball profile, you must use a created player profile to get all of the premium data points. If you do not have a subscription

  1. Click on the ‘Team Management’ icon on the left hand side of the app.
  2. Click on the bar graph icon corresponding to the player you want to view.
  3. On the top of the new screen, select the desired date range and this will pull up the past data.
  1. Connect your iPad to an actual internet source. (NOT Rapsodo WiFi)
  2. Open the pitching app and click on the ‘Sync’ icon.
  3. After syncing for a few moments the icon will show ‘Cloud Sync Completed’ indicating all the data has been synced to the cloud.
    • Please Note: Recorded videos take longer to sync than data only. Even though the icon will say ‘Cloud Sync Completed’ you may still have videos needing uploaded. To check this, you can open the app settings>about> on the bottom left hand side it will say ‘Videos and Diangostic Files pending for syncing’ the number should say 0/0 indicating all videos were synced.
  1. Connect your iPad to an actual internet source (NOT Rapsodo WiFi)
  2. Open the application and click on the sync icon.
    • IMPORTANT: Do NOT re-add players within the cloud. This will create two accounts for the players and will take time to merge to one.
  3. This will send your players an activation link that the players will need to click on (sent to their emails)
  4. Once done, the players will be active

After activating a player profile (clicking on the link in the activation email) the player will then need to create an account. This can be done by clicking on the clink in the second email they receive (verification email) or they can visit cloud.rapsod.com directly and click on Player Signup. From there, they will use the same email they were activated with and create a password.

The only export feature Rapsodo offers is the downloadable Pitching and Hitting Reports. There is no export feature for a csv file.

You have to make sure you sync the data from the iPad to the cloud. Rapsodo data is stored locally on your iPad until you sync the data to the cloud.

To do this, connect your iPad to an actual internet source (NOT Rapsodo WiFi) and open the Pitching application. On the left hand side there is a sync icon, please click on that and wait until it indicates ‘Cloud Sync Completed”.

  1. Login to cloud.rapsodo.com
  2. At the top of the screen where is shows x/500 players, click on the upload icon (arrow pointing up)
  3. Click ‘Download Template’
  4. Fill out all the information in the template and save the file. DO NOT change the name of the file.
  5. Return to cloud.rapsodo.com and click ‘Choose File’, find the saved file and select it.
  6. Click ‘UPLOAD’

We recommend 10-12 ft. home plate to home plate.

  1. Place the RCE and Monitor inside of the tank and connect the two with the small provided USB cable.
  2. Using the provided measuring tape, place the tank to the 14′ placement measured from the front of home plate to the front of the tank.
  3. Turn both units on. After a few seconds the RCE will show LED lights; Green, Blue, Red.
  4. Go to your iPad’s WiFi settings and select the Rapsodo_XXXXX_HIT. (The connection will say ‘No Internet Connection’ which is perfectly normal)
  5. Open the pitching application and click on the grayed out WiFi icon on the bottom left hand side of the app; RCE/Monitor will then connect to the application.
  6. Click on the calibration icon on the left side of the application and make sure the angles are both in GREEN (should be as close to 90 and 20 as possible).
  7. Lastly, in the Azimuth view of the calibration screen, make sure the red line is down the middle of the home plate. 
    • Quick Tip: You will not be able to see the home plate. It is best to put an object on or directly behind the middle of the home plate to ensure the red line is down the middle. 
  8. You are ready to record hits!

Absolutely! The units will sit back to back and you will need two iPads running both apps.


You are using a Guest Softball or Guest Baseball player profile. You need to use a created player profile that comes with the Rapsodo Subscription to get all of the data points. If you do not have a subscription, please visit our website and purchase the annual subscription. https://rapsodo.com/shop-2

If you have any questions about what comes with the subscription, please reach out to our dedicated Sales staff at 844-772-7763 ext. 1.

Adequate lighting, clean baseballs/softballs, reading the user guide to make sure you have the most optimal setup possible. This means the angles are as close to 90 and 20 degrees as possible, and the red line in the azimuth view is directly down the middle of home plate