• 1)MLM includes: MLM unit, USB-C Cable, Carry Case, Quick Start Guide
  • 2)Professional Accuracy: Carry Distance, Ball Speed, Club Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, and Launch Direction
  • 3)Provides Video Playback with Shot Tracer
  • 4)GPS Enabled: See exactly where your shots land on the driving range or pinpoint a flag for a closest to the pin contest
  • 5)Bag Mapping: See your shot averages and trends by club so you always know what to use when you’re the course
  • 6)Shot Library: Store all of your shot data and your last 100 videos. Additional Video storage available with subscription.
  • 7)Share Your Shots: link you account and post videos to your preferred social network

No. this will damage the hardware.

The cradle’s battery will last approximately 4 hours from a full charge.

From 0-100% will take approximately 2 hours.


No, the MLM must be used outside in sufficient lighting conditions to see the initial ball flight in order to calculate the trajectory and distance. 

Yes, the MLM will only be able to provide data during outdoor sunlight hours.

High winds can affect the distances as we do not account for adverse conditions.

MLM analyzes the initial flight of the ball to calculate trajectory and distance by using radar/camera technology. Golf Laboratories has conducted product comparison testing. See how the MLM compares to Trackman and to Flightscope Mevo


(Please check out the video below)

1) Open the MLM app and click the ‘Sessions’ tab
2)Tap on the session you wish to go back to
3) Search for the shot you wish to share. The list is sorted by the sequence you practiced. You can easily sort it by club type, distance, etc, just tap on the column description or club.
4) Once you found the shot you wish to share, slide from right to left on the favored shot and tap on the camera icon. It will open and play the video recording of that shot.
5) Once the video is played back a share icon will appear on the top right (an U with an arrow up) the export process will take a few seconds.
This will open a menu which allows you to save the video on your phone in Photos or you can share it with your friends via message or other social media platforms.

Exporting Video Tutorial.mp4

At this time the MLM is only compatible with iOS Devices that meet our minimum requirements.

Android compatibility is expected in 2020. 

The Public setting will qualify you for having your video appear on the Explore page of the application.

The Private setting will not qualify you to show up on the Explore page.

You are able to drop a pin within the driving range that you are hitting at. You are able to look back on the shots exactly where they were on the range.

No, the only export feature is with the video with overlay which can be saved to your phone/iPad and shared to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.


No. Your phone is default to auto calibration upon opening the MLM app. Simply open the app, connect your device via bluetooth, and start hitting!

The iPhone and iPad have to support iOS 11 or newer.

There are only a few scenarios to where the MLM will have trouble showing launch angle/launch direction.

  • Ball not fully in the view (This can be fixed by adjusting the MLM so you can see the full ball in view. In some cases, it may be necessary to move the MLM back further than 8ft to see the full ball).
  • Sun directly facing the phone’s camera