Yes, the servers will remain running and we will continue to support the product going forward if you run into any issues.

Unfortunately since the product is being discontinued we will no longer be able to offer the upgrade to a full TGC license with R-Motion. The free license that comes with your R-Motion will not be affected at all.

We do not have plans to complete the integration with TGC 2019 or any future TGC versions.

We will continue to support the R-Motion Until April 1, 2021

Please go to the following link: http://rmotion.rapsodo.com/

Yes. R-Motion will work with Almost golf balls. In the settings menu, please select “ALMOST GOLF BALL” option, when using ALMOST golf balls. Otherwise, keep the setting to default value of “REGULATION BALL”.

Regular foam balls are discouraged from being used, as their use would lead to somewhat inaccurate results.

However, we encourage the use of regulation hard balls for use with R-MOTION as they will produce the most accurate results.



I am at the Tee Box ready to play, but my LED light is showing blue.


1) Open your computer’s task manager
2) Click on “More Details” on the bottom
3) Under “Backgrounds” scroll down to the “S” and select “server.exe” then End Task (Do this for all R-Motion and Server.exe instances)
4) Open the R-Motion application ONLY


If your device is still BLUE at the tee box. Please run through these additional steps.

1) If you have Windows Defender, please turn off “Real-Time Protection”. If you have other anti-virus software, please turn that off as well. 
2) Please make sure that the clip is as close to the grip as possible. For clip setup, please see the “Help” tab in the R-Motion aplication or see your user guide pages 9-11.
3) Plug the dongle into a different USB port.
4) Please turn any other blue-tooth device off, and try procedures again.


TGC requires a DirectX11 compatible graphics card.

When you see this error message “Fatal error direct3d 11 compute shaders are not available”. This means that there is no DirectX11 compatible graphics card installed or the graphics card drivers are not installed.

To check if your computer’s graphics card is DirectX 11 compatible. In Windows, open the search/start bar and type dxdiag, then select it from the results. The window that pops up shows you your DirectX version.

1) Under the “Systems” tab it will tell you your current DirectX version.




2) Under the “Display” tab, the “Feature Levels” (sometimes listed as DDI version) will tell you the versions of Direct X your card can handle. This should say 11, 11_1, 11_2, 12 or something. When it only says 10, 10_1, 10_2 etc or 9 its not DirectX11 compatible


In order for the R-Motion device to register shots properly, a right handed player should use RIGHT-hand mode and vise-versa for left handed player. Follow this instructions below to switch between left and right hand mode.



Step 1: Select “Play” Button


Step 2: Select “Play Round” Button


Step 3: Select “Edit Player” button


Step 4: Click “Change To” button to switch between Right and Left hand mode



“Change to left-handed” = RIGHT Hand mode

“Change to right-handed” = LEFT Hand mode

Prerequisite: Install both R-Motion PC app and TGC game app


– Insert the R-Motion USB dongle into your PC

– Open your PC’s device manager (Windows Start Button > Search “Device Manager”)

– You should see the R-Motion USB dongle in your device manager.



– If the R-Motion USB dongle’s driver is not installed properly. Right click on the driver icon and click update driver.



– Select the option to browse for the driver


– Select the driver folder. The default driver location is:





If this step doesn’t solve your issue. Can you please turn run through these troubleshooting steps?

1. If you have Windows Defender, please turn off “Real-Time Protection”. If you have other anti-virus software, please turn that off as well. 
4. Plug the dongle into a different USB port.

5. Open your computer’s task manager
6. Click on “More Details” on the bottom
7. Under “Backgrounds” scroll down to the “S” and select “server.exe” then End Task (Do this for all R-Motion and Server.exe instances)
8. Open the R-Motion application ONLY, start the game like normal.

No shot is not registering even though the LED shows green.


1) Make sure the club type you are using matches the club type that is selected in the game.

2) Make sure the club attachment is attached properly. Not upside down.

3) Make sure the club attachment is properly aligned to the club face.

4) Make sure to hold the club face near the ball for at least one second.


*Important. Make sure you charge your R-Motion device for at least 1 hour before playing. For more information about charging refer to this article.

Prerequisite: Install both R-Motion app and TCG game app.


– Launch the R-Motion PC app. The app icon can be found in your desktop.



– Enter your login details that you created during your device registration. Refer to this article for more information on registering your device.



– Insert the USB dongle into your PC.



– You should be seeing this screen if your PC successfully recognizes the USB dongle. If you are still unable to get your PC to recognize the R-Motion USB dongle, refer to this article.

– Click on the “Get Free License” button to obtain your free TGC game license.



– You will see this screen when you have successfully obtained the free license. Click on the button to continue.



– The app will be searching for the R-motion device. To allow the R-Motion device to be discoverable, double tap on the R-Motion device to wake it up. It should show solid red LED upon waking up.



– The R-Motion device will turn solid blue LED once the app and the R-Motion device are successfully connected. Click on “Play” button to launch the TGC game and start playing.




– Remove screw from club attachment

– Insert the attachment from the bottom of club shaft and slide it up.


– Make sure the orientation of the attachment is correct.


– Rotate the attachment such that the holder casing is parallel to the club head


– Slide the clip upwards until it is just below the grip



– Secure the club attachment with the screw provided. You may tighten with the allen key provided.

**Warning! Do not over tighten the screw with the allen key.




-Slide the R-Motion device into the club attachment to start playing



Upon registering your R-Motion device, you will receive a confirmation email, along with the download links.

If you are unable to find the download links from your email, please email us at support@rmotiongolf.com

In order to start playing with your R-Motion, you need to register your device to obtain the free TGC license.

You may go to our website and click on the register link to register. Alternatively you can click here to register your R-Motion device.