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Receive 110% Of The Money You Raise

Rapsodo has partnered with Pledge It to help you raise the funds necessary to give your team a competitive advantage. Funds raised will go straight to Rapsodo. Your team will receive a credit equal to 110% of the amount raised to use towards your Rapsodo wishlist!


Fill your Rapsodo cart with Rapsodo products you wish to fundraise for.


Build your team’s campaign on Pledge It’s website. Money raised goes directly to Rapsodo.


Share your campaign with friends and family. The sooner you raise the money, the sooner you receive your Rapsodo technology!

* This link will redirect you to a different website.


Check Pledge It’s FAQ or reach Pledge It directly at support@pledgeit.org

If you have questions directly regarding Rapsodo products, contact Rapsodo sales at
sales@rapsodo.com or (844) 772-7763.