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Golf Data Subscriptions

Get the most out of your Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

“The Best Personal Golf Launch Monitor of 2021.”

“2021 Best Launch Monitor under $500.”

“An outstanding and affordable portable launch monitor.”

“Best Launch Monitors of 2021”

“Easily the best personal launch monitor I’ve ever used.”

Take your golf game to the next level with a Rapsodo Golf Premium Subscription. Get the most out of your Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor and start seeing improvements in your golf game!

Elevate your game with Premium Features

Upgrade to a Premium subscription and turn your launch data into game improvement with personalized, data-driven Insights. Breakdown your swing mechanics with slow-motion replays and use the shot apex tool to gain a better understanding of your trajectory. Plus, get video storage for up to 10K shots and access to online golf lessons with top instructors.

Coach Connect™: All-in-one platform for golf coaches

Rapsodo Coach Connect™ is the newest all-in-one golf instructor platform on the market. It is the only coaching application that incorporates pro-level launch monitor data. Elevate the golf lesson experience for your students with a Coach Connect™ subscription.