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In his own words, “It was time for me to make a drastic change, or I was going to be on my way out from baseball.” Craig Breslow has taken his knowledge of pitch analytics further than potentially any other pitcher in the history of the game. In this video, Craig explains how he systematically used data that he acquired through Rapsodo to reinvent his mechanics.
Bullpen by bullpen and pitch by pitch, Craig describes how he was able to get “immediate feedback” to evaluate his progress during the off season, and change himself from a player with “very little or no interest” to a player with over 15 offers to come into spring training and secure a major league contract. Which he did, in 2017 with the Minnesota Twins.
“There are tremendous benefits to Rapsodo for a host of reasons…to make sure you’re not at risk to injury…Rapsodo is a valuable tool to determine who you are as a pitcher. For me, it was a great trouble shooting guide. I could say what is the reason I’m struggling?”
“I don’t think there are any limitations to who can benefit from the tool. I would recommend Rapsodo to amateur players. The price point makes it incredibly affordable, it’s something you can setup in your bullpens and determine who you are as a pitcher. And I would recommend Rapsodo for guys like me. For professional pitchers who are looking to take the next step forward, get them over the hump and enjoy sustained success.”