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We’re excited to announce our partnership with Just Bat Reviews to help deliver in-depth reviews of the best bats on the market. By including quantitative ball flight information to readers seeking to find out more about specific models of baseball bats prior to purchase, Just Bat Reviews brings an analytical approach to evaluating the best bat for each player.
“This is the first time in the history of baseball that third-party quantitative data on bat performance has been available to the public,” said Brian Duryea, owner of Just Bat Reviews. “We feel that this is a giant leap forward in consumer information, and it is our intention to put this data at the fingertips of every parent and player being asked to spend hundreds of dollars on performance equipment.”

Just Bat Reviews uses Rapsodo to measure a variety of metrics with advanced analytical tools, including the exit velocity, exit launch angle, exit direction, spin rate, spin axis, and even 3D ball flight with tested bats to deliver a comprehensive, honest review of a bat’s true performance with scientific data. “Raspodo pitching has been instrumental in the development of our elite pitchers,” said Randy Sullivan, a baseball coach at the Florida Baseball Ranch. “We’re taking science to the other side of the ball. The information our hitters gain about exit velocity, launch angle, and spin creates a fertile environment for self-organized swings that do damage!”

For more information about Just Bat Reviews and to find full reviews on the latest baseball and softball bats bats, please visit http://www.justbatreviews.com  or reach Brian Duryea by email at admin@justbatreviews.com. Check out a couple of Just Bat Reviews videos below: