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My name is Brian Page, and I am an NCAA pitcher working at Rapsodo. I have spent the last couple of summers as a starting pitcher in the Prospect League. I finished playing my senior season of college baseball last spring. In May, I graduated with an MBA. During my final collegiate season, I balanced baseball, class, and work at Rapsodo. Working at Rapsodo has truly been a career changing experience! I enhanced my velocity due to Driveline Baseball over the last two seasons. I heard about new pitching analytics from Rapsodo Baseball and was fortunate to get involved early before product launch. During my senior season, I dedicated my training to mastering my spin analytics. This was only possible due to the Rapsodo Baseball Pitching Monitor!


I have always been a student of the game. Pitching has been a key passion of mine throughout my life. Always looking to improve my game and knowledge, I would follow pitching philosophies. In the past, I never had the opportunity to measure more than my velocity. Rapsodo Baseball has changed my outlook on pitching. I have been using my monitor to really understand my pitches in an analytic context (Velocity, RPM, Horizontal & Vertical Break, True Spin, Spin Efficiency and Ball Path). My Rapsodo Monitor allows me to analyze all of my different pitches. When reviewing my bullpens, I love the ability to go back and see every pitch’s data. My changeup has always been my best pitch. Rapsodo gives me the ability to go back and see the break metrics of my changeup along with the velocity and RPM after every bullpen. I have used the Rapsodo Monitor to distinguish my different breaking balls. Pitching is about feel of the ball and mechanics. My Rapsodo Monitor displays my mechanics (video function), ball data and notes about each bullpen/pitch into one platform. I wish I would have had a Rapsodo Monitor earlier in my career!


It is tough to choose a favorite feature of the Rapsodo Baseball Monitor! If I had to pick one section, I would say that the true spin & spin efficiency is my favorite. These two data points are strictly unique to Rapsodo Baseball. Before working at Rapsodo, I was not familiar with “rifle” spin. This is the rotation of a ball spinning in a spiral motion like a football or a bullet fire. Rifle spin does not correlate to any break on the pitch. This is one of my favorite features of the application because it is an extremely helpful tool with my off-speed pitches. I learned that my curveball was having a lot of wasted/rifle spin that wasn’t correlating to actual horizontal & vertical break. By using the Rapsodo Monitor, I have increased my curveball spin efficiency and true spin. I changed my grip and emphasized getting more of a 5 to 6 spin axis on the ball. The break metrics show me that I am getting a much tighter and late 12/6 break to my curveball.  I have always been a 4-seam fastball pitcher. Since acquiring my Rapsodo Monitor, I have played with a 2-seam fastball. In reviewing my bullpens, I have seen good horizontal movement to my newly acquired 2-seam fastball. My Rapsodo Monitor has been a huge tool in further developing my game! I believe that every pitching staff in the nation would benefit from a Rapsodo Pitching Monitor!