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What’s more important, improving a pitcher’s mechanics or improving the effectiveness of the pitcher’s pitches? In our opinion, the answer is both. And when using an iPad, Rapsodo gives coaches the ability to record a pitcher’s mechanics and ball data for every pitch thrown, allowing you to evaluate both mechanics and pitch result in a single frame.
The Rapsodo Pitching monitor automatically trims each clip to capture an entire pitching sequence, from windup to release. In the blink of an eye, a coach or player can view the footage with that specific pitch’s data. Simply turn on the video mode within the app and position the iPad to capture the pitcher from any angle you wish, and you have the opportunity to evaluate the physical delivery of each pitch as well as the data that that pitch delivers. Having live ball data paired with the video is more time efficient for everyone involved.


Another nice feature that Rapsodo provides is video sharing. At the end of the pitching session, every pitch, along with the video for every pitch recorded, is saved into the player’s cloud profile.  So both the coach and player can login to review or even download the video in an MP4 video.
Having the ability to download the video from the cloud also helps everyone in the recruiting process. Players can share their video on their social media channels if they wish, but for scouts and college recruits, this gives them the ability to view the player’s mechanics and ball data. No more guessing if the player is is as good as they claim, the combination of the data and video provides the ultimate proof.