Rapsodo Certified courses were developed to make Rapsodo data second language for coaches and players, giving you the skills to make data the cornerstone of your player development programs. From master concepts to immediate applications, our baseball and softball data experts alongside other industry leaders give you validated and immediate ways to implement this knowledge into your coaching strategies.


  1. Thorough understanding of all batted and pitched ball flight data & immediate coaching implementation
  2. Unlimited access to course material
  3. Learn from industry leaders including Physics of Baseball expert Dr. Alan Nathan, Texas Rangers Hitting Coach Callix Crabbe, Wes McGuire + Randy Sullivan from Florida Baseball Ranch, Tim Walton + Mike Bosch from the University of Florida, and Josh Johnson + Samantha Ricketts from Mississippi State University
  4. Personalized Rapsodo Certified certificate and access to Rapsodo Certified logos and marketing assets
  5. Join the more than 1000+ Baseball & Softball Professionals that are Rapsodo Certified!