Rapsodo Hitting and Pitching units are used by professional players at all levels. Regardless of if you are an MLB All-Star or a recently drafted MiLB player, knowing everything about your game is essential to performing on the field when it really counts. Join the many elite professionals who already use Rapsodo to give them a training advantage. Contact us now to learn about our Pro-Staff packages.

We offer multiple pricing options for current professional players looking to take advantage of Rapsodo Pitching or Hitting. We also offer a Pro Subscription that allows players to download data and take advantage of our advanced data points.

If you are interested in getting a unit for yourself,  contact our athlete relations manager, Dillon Saffle. Dillon has years of experience working with professional athletes at an agency level and is the direct contact for all of Rapsodo’s Pro-Staff players. If you have any questions regarding sales or support,  reach out to Dillon via his contact information below.

Dillon Saffle

Sales & Athlete Relations Manager

(844) 772-7763 ext. 706