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Rapsodo Announces New Softball Cloud Tiers

Rapsodo has released a new Advanced Cloud Subscription tier and is upgrading the current Basic subscription for Softball customers!

All Rapsodo Cloud tiers are designed for players and coaches to have all their data at their fingertips. Both plans allow access to Rapsodo’s advanced data, reports, videos, robust analytics plus additional programming and training all in one.

Rapsodo Cloud for Softball – Advanced Tier (NEW!)

The new Advanced Cloud Tier will include:

  • All Basic Tier Perks
  • 10 Coach Accounts
  • Storage for 500 player profiles
  • No Additional Player Fees
  • 5000 Videos
  • Advanced Rapsodo Hitting & Pitching Reports
  • RapScore
  • App Customization
  • CSV Downloads
  • Dedicated Rapsodo Account Manager
  • Motus DASH Account ($999 value)

Advanced Cloud Tier subscribers will also have the ability to upgrade to the following:

  • Driveline TRAQ S Integration (additional $350 cost)
  • Diamond Solutions Pitching Analysis

Rapsodo Cloud for Softball – Basic Tier Upgrades

Rapsodo Basic subscribers will still have access the features they know and love, with the addition of:

We’ve created Cloud storage options to fit the needs coaches and players of all levels. Find out which Rapsodo Cloud for Softball Tier is right for you!

Download the full Rapsodo Cloud Tiers for Softball PDF here.

For more information on all Rapsodo Softball products, visit www.rapsodo.com/softball.