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Rapsodo Cloud: Advanced Tier FAQs

In order to help current and prospective customers fully understand what the new Rapsodo Baseball Cloud Tiers have to offer, we’re breaking down the new features of our improved Advanced and Advisor subscription levels in separate posts. Get all your questions answered about the Advanced Cloud Tier below. 

Updates to Rapsodo Cloud Basic and Advanced Tiers 

We would consider the changes made to our Basic plan as slight renovations to an already established platform. For Advanced, we decided to give it a full-blown rebuild. Those who purchase an Advanced Cloud subscription will now have greater control over their data collection and management, and will get immediate access to brand new, never-before-seen features in the Rapsodo Cloud. 

Rapsodo Advanced Cloud Hitting Report

Rapsodo Advanced Cloud Frequently Asked Questions 

What features have been added to Advanced?  

The Advanced Cloud Tier subscription will include: 

  • Pitch Visualizations
  • Pitch Scores
  • RapScore
  • App Customization
  • CSV Exports
  • Updated, advanced analytics and data reporting 

These are a lot of new features. What if I have trouble utilizing them? 

All Advanced subscribers will have a dedicated Rapsodo Account Manager at their service to assist with any sales or support-related questions. We believe having a direct point-of-contact will greatly improve the efficiency of the feedback loop between customers and Rapsodo. 

Have any of the old Advanced functions and features been removed? 

All functions that have been available in the past to Advanced subscribers will be included in the new Cloud. 

How much storage do I get with the new Advanced tier? 

The coach, player, and video limits for Advanced have remained unchanged – 10, 500, and 5,000, respectively. 

How much does Advanced cost? 

Pricing for the updated Advanced subscription begins at $2,000 per year. Access to TRAQ S, Advisor-level reporting, and Rapsodo Game Mode are additional charges. Current Basic tier subscribers will be given special pricing opportunities to upgrade to the new Advanced or Advisor.  

Advanced subscribers will also have access to special pricing for the Standard tier of Driveline’s renowned TRAQ Player Development Software. Subscribers will only be charged an additional $350 yearly from Driveline for TRAQ S, as opposed to its normal $2,000 yearly price tag. 

How do I know Rapsodo’s Advanced Cloud Tier is right for me? 

Deciding on which Cloud tier to choose depends on the size of your organization, how much you intend to use your Rapsodo units, and other factors. Having trouble deciding? Find out which Cloud tier is right for you here

How do can I get started? 

For additional Cloud purchasing or upgrade information, please reach out to our sales team via phone at (844) 772-7763 ext. 1, or via email at sales@rapsodo.com

Want more information on all Rapsodo Cloud tiers? Visit www.rapsodo.com/baseball/cloud to learn more.