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Rapsodo Cloud: Advisor Tier FAQs

Our newest and most comprehensive Cloud subscription level – Advisor – takes the guesswork out of interpreting the data and gives coaches and players alike unparalleled insight into data-driven player development. We’re here to answer all of your Rapsodo Cloud Advisor Tier FAQs here!

Rapsodo Advisor Cloud Pitch Recommendations

Introducing the New Rapsodo Advisor Tier 

Advisor is built for organizations serious about implementing data into their player development programs. In addition to all of the features available in our Advanced tier, Advisor subscribers will have immediate access to following functions: 

  • Pitch Recommendation Reports 
  • Suggested Arsenal & Batted Ball Profiles 
  • Drill Suggestions 
  • Data integration across different player development technologies 
  • Rapsodo Game Mode (Coming soon!) 

Rapsodo Cloud Advisor Tier FAQs

There are a lot of new features. What if I have trouble utilizing them? 

The Advisor tier doubles down on tailored customer support. Customers under this tier will have both their own Rapsodo Account Manager and Driveline Support Representative. 

How much storage do I get with the Advisor tier?

The coach, player, and video limits for Advisor will be 20, 500, and 10,000, respectively. Of those 500 players, 75 will have access to Advisor-level reporting (advanced RapScore, recommendations and suggestions, etc.) and the remaining player allotment will be defaulted to Advanced-level reporting. 

How much does the Advisor tier cost?

Pricing for the Advisor Cloud tier subscription begins at $5,000 per year. Additional advisor player slots above the 75-player limit is available at additional charges.  

Advisor subscribers will also be given their own Driveline TRAQ X account, the most premium level of Driveline’s TRAQ player development software. On its own, TRAQ X normally costs $5,000 each year, but those with an Advisor Could subscription will be granted access at no additional charge.  

How do I know Rapsodo’s Advisor Cloud Tier is right for me? 

Deciding on which Cloud tier to choose depends on the size of your organization, how much you intend to use your Rapsodo units, and other factors. Having trouble deciding? Find out which Cloud tier is right for you here

How do can I get started? 

For additional Cloud purchasing or upgrade information, please reach out to our sales team via phone at (844) 772-7763 ext. 1, or via email at sales@rapsodo.com

Want more information on all Rapsodo Cloud tiers? Visit www.rapsodo.com/baseball/cloud to learn more.