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Rapsodo Cloud: Using Driveline EDGE Visuals FAQ

Below we’ll break down one of Driveline’s unique pitching features, EDGE Visualizations.

What is EDGE?

EDGE began as a series of web-tools that allowed users to input their pitch/ or spin data to recreate pitches and simulate their ideal repertoires. 

By integrating EDGE inside Rapsodo Cloud, these Driveline pitching tools live at the click of a button for coaches and athletes looking to get the most out of their PITCHING 2.0 data.  

How do I best utilize the EDGE pitch visualization feature?

Every player throws different types of baseball pitches. The EDGE Pitch Visualization feature helps pitchers understand where each pitch is landing and how it is spinning compared to other pitches — so they can see which pitches in their arsenal can be developed for success. 

The five options included within the EDGE Visualizations suite (Spin-Visualization, Spin-Transition, Spin-Comparison, Pitch-Movement, and Pitch-Arsenal) are used to create 3D models of ball flight using a pitch’s spin metrics. Coaches and pitchers can now see a 3D recreation of each one of their pitches. 


If you need to visualize a single pitch quickly, you can select the desired pitch from the session and EDGE will generate the 3D model of that individual pitch’s spin profile. 


You’ll use Spin-Transition to see the spin profile change between two pitch types within a given session. 


Spin-Comparison allows you to view the distinct differences between spin direction and spin efficiency of two pitches with 3D models generated for each pitch – rather than one 3D model that morphs between the two. 


This tool generates the full movement profile of selected pitches. These models take velocity, spin direction, spin efficiency, and vertical and horizontal break all into account. 


A standalone visualization tool on the cloud, Pitch-Arsenal takes the averages metrics of each pitch type thrown in a session and generates a full Pitch-Movement model for each registered pitch type. 

Pitch Recommendations 

This report provides players and coaches with automated pitch type recommendations based on the underlying spin components of their pitches. These custom suggestions will help assure that athletes are working towards a goal that will benefit them in the long-run and improve performance.  

We understand that there are many different types of baseball pitches and variations of how players throw them. That’s why the Driveline pitching team and Rapsodo created pitch recommendation reports. We want to help you build the best arsenal you can utilizing your unique pitching technique. Here you can find more information on how to best utilize pitch recommendation reports