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Rapsodo Certified Courses

Rapsodo Certified Courses are designed to help you get the most of your hitting or pitching data. From master concepts to immediate applications, our data experts and industry leaders give you validated and immediate ways to implement this knowledge into your coaching.
Baseball Pitching
Baseball Hitting
Softball Hitting
Softball Pitching

Rapsodo Certified courses were developed to make Rapsodo batted and pitched ball data your second language, giving you the skills to make data the cornerstone of your player development programs. All courses are online and video-based with a series of specific modules and dedicated quizzes. Once you complete a course, you will receive an official Rapsodo Certified certificate and retain full access to all modules should you need a refresher on any topic.

  • Access to course video content
  • Access to course quiz content
  • Downloadable Certified certificate upon course completion