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Rapsodo Game Mode


Rapsodo is proud to bring hitting gamification to our product lineup!

Crank up the competition to the cage with Rapsodo Game Mode. Visualize hits like never before with 3D ball flight and hit outcomes on replica MLB fields. Practice or compete individually or have your team face off head-to-head in different games like Target Practice and Home Run Derby. Designed for baseball and softball players of all ages and levels, Game Mode features dimensions for youth, softball, and baseball fields.

Game Mode requires a HITTING 2.0 unit, a Rapsodo Team Membership and an iPad Pro, 2nd Generation or newer. A Game Mode Subscription comes with two licenses and can be activated on two Rapsodo HITTING 2.0 units.

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Pay Over Time

Game Mode requires a HITTING 2.0 unit, a Rapsodo Team Membership and an iPad Pro, 2nd Generation or newer.

Game Mode licenses are annual and can be renewed when you renew your Rapsodo Team Membership.

Pair your Rapsodo HITTING 2.0 unit with Game Mode, an interactive, game-like hitting simulation and get instant hit visualizations and hit outcomes with every swing. Rapsodo pro-level data is paired with Game Mode so baseball and softball players can see how far, high, and hard their ball was hit on an actual field. Download Game Mode, login with your Rapsodo Cloud account, pick your sport, choose your mode, select your field size, and let the competition begin!
Featured Game Modes
  • TARGET PRACTICE – Hone in hit placement skills by hitting to the highlighted portion of the field.
  • HOME RUN DERBY – See who can hit the most dingers in a game. Play head to head or create a bracket for the entire team!
  • BATTING PRACTICE – See where your ball would land on an actual field from inside the cage.

A single Game Mode license will allow users to activate Game Mode on up to 2 HITTING 2.0 units. To activate Game Mode on additional units, additional subscriptions are required. Game Mode subscriptions are valid for one year and can be renewed along with a Rapsodo Team Membership.

  • Game Mode subscriptions come with 2 licenses and can be activated on 2 Rapsodo HITTING 2.0 units.