Softball Hitting Averages by Age

Downloadable exit velocity by age guide for softball players

Exit velocity is used as a good measure of raw power for softball players. While exit velocity isn’t the only hitting metric that makes up a great hit, softball players should know where their exit velocity stacks up compared to their peers.

How Rapsodo Measures hitting data

Exit speed is a measurement of how hard a given ball is hit as it leaves the bat. The higher the exit velocity, the farther a ball has the ability to travel. Softball players can see the exit velocity of a batted ball in the Rapsodo HITTING 2.0 app or on the Rapsodo Cloud.

The Rapsodo HITTING 2.0 softball swing analyzer measures ball flight data using camera and radar technology. In addition to exit velocity, HITTING 2.0 gathers data on distance, launch angle, exit direction, spin rate, spin direction and more.

Not sure where your athletes should fall with their hitting exit velocity or other hitting data points? We have collected data from millions of hit balls on our Rapsodo HITTING 2.0 technology and have taken that data to develop an exit velocity by age data guide.

Our Hitting Averages by Age Guide provides a player development pathway for softball players from ages 10 to professional. Softball players can see how they stack up against their peers and can get on track to take their game to the next level!

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