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softball recruiting

Recruit and Get Recruited

A data-driven approach to softball player evaluation and performance 

Rapsodo data is not designed solely to help aid in player development – it is also the ultimate measuring stick for player evaluation. Whether you are a softball player looking to get recruited for the next level of play, or a scout in search of the next great softball talent, our data-driven recruiting tools will help.

Rapsodo Verified Data

Rapsodo’s Certified Assessment provides softball players with verified data, videos and a performance report that can be used for player development and evaluation. Take your game to the next level with the data trusted by top collegiate programs.

The measuring stick for player evaluation

The Rapsodo RapScore was created as the standard scale for player development and recruiting, similar to how the ACT and SAT tests are the standard scale for higher education acceptance. It gives players their current level of talent and where they rank at the next 3 levels of play. Players can now show recruits how their score stacks up against their peers. 

Live in-game softball data

Rapsodo has partnered with Realplay to provide players, parents and coaches with the ultimate highlight reel. Get Realplay’s high-resolution video paired with Rapsodo’s industry leading hitting and pitching data on every at bat and pitch throughout the tournament. Realplay video and Rapsodo Certified Live Data is trusted by college coaches and scouts.   

Get noticed and see where you rank

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Players with completed and verified Rapsodo profiles can automatically have their data loaded onto our National Player Database. See where you rank up against your peers, while coaches and scouts view talent from across the country. 

Help athletes show their talent

Owners and operators of softball facilities have the opportunity to get Rapsodo Certified. Once the facility is a member of our certified program, they will be able to host RapScore sessions and are added to our RapScore Certified Facility locator. It is a great way to provide local talent with a valuable recruiting tool, while simultaneously adding on a supplemental revenue stream.

"Rapsodo has become a vital part of our recruiting strategy. With our inability to travel to see players this year, we have relied heavily on Rapsodo data and video to gauge our recruit’s level of performance."

JT Gasso, University of Oklahoma

Take Your Talent to the Next Level with Rapsodo Certified Data!