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Who We Are

We help athletes reach their full potential

We are on a mission to help athletes reach their full potential by providing data-driven sports technologies and robust analytics that allow players and coaches to better understand performance through reliable data. This ultimately translates into our motto of “Measure to Master.”


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Our Journey

Rapsodo is a sports analytics company that empowers athletes and coaches to analyze and improve their game, with affordable, portable, easy-to-use, data-driven sports technologies.

In 2010, our founder and Chief Executive Officer Batuhan Okur registered Rapsodo Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. Our journey began with the development of the first affordable personal golf launch monitor, distributed in the USA under SkyTrak. Since then we have continued to transform into a leading sports data and technology company with the vision to help athletes reach their full potential.

Our data-driven, performance measurement tools empower athletes to achieve their best regardless of what skill level they are at.

Our Founder

Batuhan Okur, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Batuhan Okur, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Singapore registered and headquartered Rapsodo Pte. Ltd.

As CEO, Batu drives the innovation and strategic thinking behind Rapsodo’s position as a leading developer of sports analytics technology. Leveraging on his engineering expertise and senior management experience in the electronics industry, Batu leads Rapsodo’s development of proprietary technology that utilizes computer vision, DSP and machine learning, to deliver state of the art measurement solutions to give athletes the tools to get to the next level. He also drives and oversees the creation, planning and integrating of the firm’s strategic direction across all businesses and functions.

Prior to Rapsodo, Batu held positions including Head of Marketing with ST-Ericsson and Vice President of Marketing with Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Batu holds a Master in Business Administration from Santa Clara University, Silicon Valley, USA and a Bachelor of Science in Electronics from Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Turkey (Middle East Technical University).


Our mission

Our mission is to help athletes reach their full potential.

Our Values

While a lot has changed, one thing that has not changed over the past 10 years is our core values of hard work, teamwork, innovation, agility, growth and customer commitment.

Hard Work
We have a culture that values hard work. It is at the core of our work ethic and is at the heart of our success. At Rapsodo, our employees are dedicated and determined to get the job done and to continue moving the company forward.
We are dynamic, nimble, and responsive. We thrive on change to emerge stronger.
We are on a journey of continuous evolvement and improvement. We are passionate about learning and persistent in our pursuit of innovative solutions. We are not afraid to make mistakes and constantly challenge our ideas of what’s possible.
We value diversity, and believe in the strength of people and competencies working together to achieve something great. We believe that we are stronger as a team and that our commitment to excellence is best achieved together.
Customer Commitment
Without our customers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We are dedicated to the service of our customers and will do our utmost to help them reach their fullest potential.
We believe that every challenge is an opportunity for growth – after every obstacle, our team grows stronger, more creative, and better able to tackle the next curveball.

Our Offices

We are a global company with offices in the United States, Singapore, Turkey, and Japan. We work around the clock to deliver industry-leading sports data and technology products.


The Rapsodo story began in 2010 with a handful of passionate engineers – all within a small office in Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

After 10 years, Rapsodo is now located at Ayer Rajah @ one-north that houses an ecosystem for startups and enablers in biomedical sciences, infocomm, media, electronics, urban solutions, and engineering industries.

Our Singapore office is home to our research and product development engineers, as well as our corporate infrastructure including finance, operations and human resources.


Started in 2015, the U.S. office handles the sales, support, and marketing for both golf and diamond sports. 

Our U.S. team is made up of people who have walked in our customers’ shoes. Our team is comprised of former coaches, athletes and industry experts working together to provide cutting edge solutions to our customers. We continue to evolve our team and skillset to keep up with the fast-paced sports technology industry.

Izmir, Turkey

Opened in 2018, our Turkey office operates as the research and software development arm of Rapsodo. Our office is located in Technopark in the Izmir Institute of Technology which is recognized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology as one of Turkey’s most successful Technoparks.

Our Turkey office incorporates UI/UX, mobile, cloud technologies along with computer vision, deep learning and data science teams. We are rapidly growing and continuously looking for team players who will contribute to deliver state of the art solutions.


Started in March 2021, the Japan office is focused on sales and business development for diamond sports.

Japan is a very important market and our young team in Japan is committed to providing exceptional support for our clients, build our brand and enter a new phase of business development and engagement.

Our Locations


20 Ayer Rajah Crescent




47E Chesterfield Mall #180

Chesterfield MO 63017



Gülbahçe Mah. İyte Sitesi

Teknopark A3 Binası, No:54-55




〒231-0023 横浜市中区山下町

26-5 LATER 2F



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