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The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor provides data and insights that every golfer needs. Get the most out of your practice sessions and improve faster with Golf’s #1 Rated Personal Launch Monitor.

100% DI Champions (2010-2022)
94% DI Baseball Teams
100% ‘22 DI All Americans

Trusted by the best in the game, our industry-leading player development tools are used by all 30 MLB teams and can be found at more than 2,000 colleges and facilities across the U.S.

100% ‘22 WCWS Teams
92% DI Champions (2010-2022)
94% ‘22 DI All Americans

From youth to college, the best softball players and coaches trust Rapsodo data for player development and evaluation. That’s why you’ll find our softball training devices at hundreds of colleges and facilities across the U.S.

Driven By Development. Trusted By The Best.

Since 2016 our industry-leading baseball, softball, and golf performance technologies have been trusted by the best in the game looking to gain a competitive edge.

Driven by development, we’ve been at the forefront of a sports data revolution to provide instant, accurate, and actionable feedback to help athletes, players, and coaches get better faster.

Whether it's increasing your batting average, designing the perfect pitch, or improving your golf swing, Rapsodo is here to help unlock your full potential.