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coach connect™

rapsodo coach connect™

All-in-One Golf Coaching Platform

The only coaching platform that incorporates pro-level launch monitor data

“As a coach, not having constant connection with your students makes the learning curve last a lot longer. COACH CONNECT™ allows you to connect consistently with whoever your are working with from any place at any time.”
– Mike Malaska, Golf Digest Top 20 & 2011 PGA Teacher of the Year

An all-in-one coaching platform to help golf instructors, pros, and coaches provide data driven golf lessons. COACH CONNECT™ integrates industry leading launch data from the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor and provides a platform to communicate with students, organize lessons and track progress.

A new way to teach golf

Enhance the in person or online golf lesson experience with the most user-friendly instruction and golf swing analysis platform available. See students’ launch angles, club speed, ball speed, apex trajectory and more with the only golf instructor platform that seamlessly integrates launch monitor data from the best personal launch monitor on the market.

Golf coach resources

COACH CONNECT™ provides the most advanced yet easy to use golf coaching tools designed to help you improve the way you teach golf. Set lesson pricing, collect payment, mark up swings, send drills, and get feedback from players near and far in one easy to use application.

Golf coach client relationship management tool

Whether you have a few clients, many students, or an entire team, COACH CONNECT is the perfect tool for player data management. House all of your players’ data in one place and easily monitor, analyze, and review student progress with just a few taps.

Give in-person, virtual or online golf lessons

Streamline your lessons and increase your earning potential. Use COACH CONNECT with current students in person, or connect with new students virtually from anywhere, at anytime. 

Trusted by Leading Teaching Pros and Experts

Rapsodo and Golf Digest partnered to bring you COACH CONNECT™. Get lessons from Golf Digest's Top 100 coaches and instructors right from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad. Or you can invite your current golf swing coach to the app.

Mike Malaksa
Golf Digest Top 20
2011 PGA Teacher of the Year

Trillium Rose
Golf Digest Top 50

Mark Blackburn
Golf Digest Top 20
2020 PGA Teacher of the Year

Helen Kurtin
Best in State

Dave Phillips
Golf Digest Top 40 & TPI Co-Founder

Dr. Sasho Mackenzie
World-Renowned Sports Biomechanist

Learn how top golf instructors are using launch monitor data to enhance their teaching philsosphy and boost revenue.


Industry Validated, Pro-Level Launch Data

COACH CONNECT™ is the only golf instructor platform that integrates launch monitor data. The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor was recognized by MyGolfSpy as the best personal golf launch monitor on the market. It provides industry validated pro level launch data on distance, ball speed, club speed, smash factor, launch angle, and launch direction.


COACH CONNECT™ provides online golf coaching tools for golf coaches.