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rapsodo hitting 2.0

The Ultimate Softball Hitting Tool

Improve your swing with softball hitting technology trusted by the best in the game

Design your optimal softball swing with Rapsodo HITTING 2.0. Get instant and accurate data feedback with every hit so you can get better faster.

Improve your swing with data-driven softball hitting tools

HITTING 2.0 is a portable hitting monitor and softball swing tracker designed to help improve your softball swing using real-time analytics. With each crack of the bat, our propriety camera and radar technology captures every swing and pairs it alongside valuable data metrics – including launch angle, exit velocity, spin rate and more.

Transform hitting data into actionable insights

Design your optimal softball swing using instant video and data feedback. See metrics each batted ball produces like exit velocity, launch angle, spin rate, distance and more. With HITTING 2.0 and a Rapsodo Team Membership, you can turn your batting cage into a virtual softball field the 3D ball flight and landing location. HITTING 2.0 gives you the ability to know more than you just “hit the back of the cage.”

Level up with Game Mode

Turn your batting cage into an interactive hitting competition with Game Mode. Paired with HITTING 2.0 and Rapsodo pro-level data, hitters can play against each other in friendly competitions with hitting data-overlay, including 3D ball flight and hit outcomes for every swing to drive player development.



Develop your optimal softball swing.