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Rapsodo Insight

Analyze Softball Swing and Pitch Mechanics

High-speed, slow motion camera instantly integrates with Rapsodo data

Rapsodo’s INSIGHT is a high-speed, slow motion camera that ties together all of the Rapsodo softball products. Instantly connect swing or pitch mechanics and seamlessly integrate all your Rapsodo data with INSIGHT.

Slow motion softball video analysis

Rapsodo INSIGHT is a high-speed, slow-motion camera that is a great training tool for refining mechanics rep after rep. Understand cause and effect and make immediate adjustments by viewing your slow-motion video in real-time alongside Rapsodo HITTING 2.0 and PITCHING 2.0 data overlay.

Softball analytics like never before

INSIGHT is designed for softball and engineered for Rapsodo. It features:
  • A high-speed camera with slow-motion video
  • Seamless integration with Rapsodo HITTING 2.0 and PITCHING 2.0 
  • A pitching lens and a hitting lens
  • Options of 640 or 850 frames per second
  • A built-in flash for outdoors, indoors or low-light situations
  • Custom and adjustable tripod for easy set up

The ultimate softball video coaching app

Softball coaches benefit from INSIGHT as much as players do! With INSIGHT and a Rapsodo Team Membership, the pair become the ultimate softball video coaching tool. Keep all of your team’s INSIGHT videos and Rapsodo data in one place to reference and analyze. 


Connect mechanics with data today.