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Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM)

Not yet, but it will be available soon!

It is not available right now but we are looking into it.

  • iPhone Xs 
  • iPhone Xs Max 
  • iPhone Xr 
  • iPhone 11 
  • iPhone 11 Pro 
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max  


  • iPhoneX 
  • iPhone8 
  • iPhone8 Plus 


  • iPad Pro (11\”) 2nd Gen 
  • iPad Pro (12.9\”) 3rd Gen  
  • iPad Pro (12.9\”) 4th Gen 

Make sure you have the MLM and your phone set up 6-8 feet directly behind the ball and pointed down your target line. You should be able to see your body and the ball clearly in the screen on your phone. 

If you have further issues, please email and we will troubleshoot further. 

The Critical message is an in-app alert to let you know your iOS device is getting hot. The MLM is still usable when the screen turns white. We turn off high CPU functions like the live video and instant replay, however we still capture the data and video from your shots and all swings are viewable in your session screen. We are working to improve the overheating of your device in each release. Next time you are out, please try to close out of any apps that you do not need running as it will also help with the CPU overload. 


Prerequisite: Install both R-Motion PC app and TGC game app 

  1. Insert the R-Motion USB dongle into your PC 
  2. Open your PC’s device manager (Windows Start Button > Search “Device Manager”) 
  3. You should see the R-Motion USB dongle in your device manager
  4. If the R-Motion USB dongle’s driver is not installed properly. Right click on the driver icon and click update driver. 
  5. Select the option to browse for the driver 
  6. Select the driver folder. The default driver location is: C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\Rapsodo\R-Motion\usbserial 
  7. If this step doesn’t solve your issue. Can you please turn run through these troubleshooting steps? 
  8. If you have Windows Defender, please turn off “Real-Time Protection”. If you have other anti-virus software, please turn that off as well.  
  9. Plug the dongle into a different USB port.5.
  10. Open your computer’s task manager
  11. Click on “More Details” on the bottom
  12. Under “Backgrounds” scroll down to the “S” and select “server.exe” then End Task (Do this for all R-Motion and Server.exe instances)
  13. Open the R-Motion application ONLY, start the game like normal. 
  1. Make sure the club type you are using matches the club type that is selected in the game. 
  2. Make sure the club attachment is attached properly. Not upside down. 
  3. Make sure the club attachment is properly aligned to the club face. 
  4. Make sure to hold the club face near the ball for at least one second before swinging. 

If the above steps doesn’t solve your issue. Please run through these troubleshooting steps? 

  1. If you have Windows Defender, please turn off “Real-Time Protection”.
  2. If you have other anti-virus software, please turn that off as well.
  3. Plug the dongle into a different USB port.5.
  4. Open your computer’s task manager 
  5. Click on “More Details” on the bottom 
  6. Under “Backgrounds” scroll down to the “S” and select “server.exe” then End Task (Do this for all R-Motion and Server.exe instances)
  7. Open the R-Motion application ONLY, start the game like normal. 

iOS 10-12

Android 6.0-12

OS Windows 7-8 (32 bit)

  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GTX 970 (or better GTX1060, GTX1070 or GTX1080)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Hard Drive: 20 GB of available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 90c compatible 


  • Gaming PC OS
  • Windows 10 (64 Bit)

You don’t need an access key for the TGC app. Start the game by only opening R-Motion. Once you click PLAY it will automatically open TGC.

If you get an error that says TGC is not installed – then go to the email that you got after registering and make sure you download the second link for TGC. 

If you haven’t registered go to fill out the registration form and you will receive an email with the download information.

  • Rapsodo Returns – If you purchased on the Rapsodo website send in a help ticket with the original order number and an agent will assist you.
  • Amazon Returns – anything purchased through Amazon will have to be returned on the Amazon website. 
  • Replacement parts – If a part is broken or missing submit a contact form indicating which piece it is (clip/sensor/usb dongle/charging cord) and a picture, along with the best shipping address. 

Baseball & Softball


If you purchased a Rapsodo Cloud subscription online you should have received an email with your login details. If you purchased via purchase order or wire transfer contact our support team for activation. Visit to create your account or login.


Your coach will add you as a player on their Rapsodo Cloud account. Once added, you will receive an activation email. Follow the steps in the email to get set up. 

Make sure you sync the data from the iPad to the cloud. Rapsodo data is stored locally on your iPad until you sync the data to the cloud. 

To do this, connect your iPad to an actual internet source (NOT Rapsodo WiFi) and open the Pitching app. On the left-hand side there is a sync icon, please click on that and wait until it indicates ‘Cloud Sync Completed”. 

We have recently been legally required to protect the data of all of our players under the age of 18. Player data can still be collected, but will not be visible in the cloud until parental consent is completed. Once parental consent is confirmed for the player, all data will be visible in the coach and player cloud. 

We created the Rapsodo National Player Database to bridge the recruiting gap for cancelled games, tournaments, and showcase events. The database will be free and available to the public through our website once it goes live. All players will need to update their player profile information in order to be added to the database. The database will include max numbers for Rapsodo data points.  Learn more 

Rapsodo Certified courses were developed to make Rapsodo batted and pitched ball data your second language, giving you the skills to make data the cornerstone of your player development programs. We currently have Baseball Hitting and Pitching available with Softball Hitting and Pitching coming soon.  Learn more

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