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Rapsodo Welcomes New Team Member - Shohei Ohtani

Baseball’s biggest star joins the Rapsodo family after several seasons of using the technology to perfect his game both on the mound and at the plate

ST. LOUIS, Mo., April 22, 2024 – In the pursuit of advancing the way sports are played across the world, Rapsodo, the company known for making sports technology more affordable, welcomes Shohei Ohtani to team Rapsodo as part of a long-term deal. Ohtani joins as Rapsodo’s new Technology Ambassador to fuel the advancement of Rapsodo’s baseball flight monitor technology, as well as development for baseball players at all levels who share his passion for the game.

“I had been using Rapsodo for a few seasons and thought it was such a great tool; I only wished I had started using it earlier,” said Ohtani. “I think to myself, ‘If I had something like this during my Little League years, how much better could I have been now?’”

For the past few seasons, Ohtani, MLB’s only two-way player, has been using Rapsodo’s PRO 3.0, the company’s two-way technology for hitting and pitching data, to improve his game. Three cameras and two radars capture advanced metrics when he’s both on the mound and in the batter's box. His data is delivered live to the Rapsodo Diamond App, where coaches and players can analyze real-time metrics during a pitching or hitting session.

How does Ohtani use the data that Rapsodo provides?

“Mainly to quantify my growth as a player,” he explained. “For example, to check if I am making the correct hits on my swing, or to help me design a pitch that is difficult to hit. Having the ability to see the data and confirm it connects to my growth as a player.”

"Shohei is not just an extraordinary talent; he's a symbol of where mindset, dedication, and the right tools can lead,” said Batuhan Okur, Rapsodo founder and CEO. We're honored to be a part of his journey and look forward to working together, pushing the boundaries of what our technology can achieve."

Rapsodo PRO 3.0 is also an integral part of Ohtani’s rehab as he recovers from elbow surgery.

“On the batting side, I have been comparing the data to how I am feeling on those hits; if that data matches how I feel it should be, it helps me confirm my recovery,” said Ohtani. “As for pitching, I check if my pitching data matches the intention that I am throwing it with. Being able to check the data helps smooth out my rehab process.”

“I wish these tools were available to me earlier. I think players should use these tools for growth, and the earlier they start using them, the faster their growth will be,” said Ohtani.

With a history of leveraging Rapsodo baseball flight monitors to refine his play both as a hitter and pitcher, Ohtani is an authentic advocate for the brand’s mission to give athletes everywhere the tools they need to play like never before. More than 175,000 baseball players and 7,000 coaches have chosen Rapsodo to take their game to the next level.

About Rapsodo:

Rapsodo defies limits with affordable, professional-grade technology to enhance the way athletes play across the world. Used by MLB teams, NCAA Division I Champions, and elite PGA coaches, Rapsodo technology has earned multiple MyGolfSpy's Best Of Golf Awards and the Official Player Development Partner of USA Baseball, affirming Rapsodo’s leadership in golf, baseball, and softball tech. Do what you didn't think was possible. Play Without Limits. Play with Rapsodo. Discover more at Rapsodo.com.

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