PRO 3.0 - Hitting/Pitching Unit
  • Groundbreaking ‘Live-on-Live’ Data-Collecting Capabilities
  • Capture Hitting AND Pitching Sessions With One Device
  • Unique & Optimal Training Experience
  • Advanced Multi-Camera + Radar Technology
  • Portable and Built for ALL Environments
    • Groundbreaking ‘Live-on-Live’ Data-Collecting Capabilities
    • Capture Hitting AND Pitching Sessions With One Device
    • Unique & Optimal Training Experience
    • Advanced Multi-Camera + Radar Technology
    • Portable and Built for ALL Environments
    • Data-Driven Insights & Visualizations
    • Performance Combines: Test. Score. Improve. NEW
    • Slow Motion Video Replay (4 Different Speeds)
    • Video Storage: Up to 10K Shots
    • Shot Apex with Video Replay
    • Turn Your iPhone or iPad into a Launch Monitor
    • Data and Insights Every Golfer Needs
    • Immediate Feedback on the Range, Immediate Results on the Course
    • Practice Smarter, Not Longer
    • Swing With More Confidence, Shoot Better Scores
    Membership Details
    • A Rapsodo Team Membership is required to activate your Rapsodo PRO 3.0 - Hitting/Pitching Unit
    • One (1) Team Membership allows a customer to operate as many devices as they own (no quantity limit).
    $12,500.00 PRO 3.0 - Hitting/Pitching Unit
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    $12,500.00 PRO 3.0 - Hitting/Pitching Unit
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    Pro-Level Player Development

    The next generation in player development has arrived with the Rapsodo PRO 3.0. A game changer in the cage or on the field, PRO 3.0 utilizes cutting edge multi-camera and radar tracking technology to deliver accurate and precise ball-flight data in just seconds. Groundbreaking ‘live-on-live’ data-collecting capabilities ensure a unique and optimal training experience. Paired with the multi-functional Diamond App, the Rapsodo PRO 3.0 provides any program with a pro-level product to supercharge training and enhance player development.

    Trusted by the Best in the Game

    From youth to MLB, players and coaches trust Rapsodo data for player development and evaluation.


    MLB Player


    MLB Teams


    Colleges & Facilities


    DI Baseball Teams


    DI Champions*

    What’s Included

    • Rapsodo PRO 3.0 Unit
    • Rapsodo Soft-Shell Backpack
    • Charging Cable
    • Calibration Board
    • Tape Measure

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    Step Into The Box with Confidence

    If It Matters, It’s Measured

    All the hitting and pitching numbers and metrics you need for data-driven player development, captured in one device.

    Know Your Numbers

    Seeing is believing. Instant video playback gives you slow-mo video + overlaid metrics to analyze, improve and get better.


    Simultaneously track hitters and pitchers with pinpoint accuracy. Go head-to-head with live-on-live mode and get ready to dominate on the field.

    Actionable Data From Every Session

    Dive into the data with industry-leading analytics, Rapsodo Certified Assessments, and comprehensive reports. Practice smarter, improve faster.

    Ultimate Training Tool

    Instant data + data visualization provide real-time and actionable feedback to coaches and players. Train like never before, anytime, anywhere.

    Gamify Your Practice

    Make cage time engaging and fun for the entire team with Game Mode™, an interactive app that brings the game to life.

    Step Into The Box with Confidence

    Measure To Master

    Pitching Data
    Release Side
    Release Angle
    Horizontal Angle
    Speed Release Velocity
    Plate Velocity
    Strike Position Strike Zone Height
    Strike Zone Side
    Trajectory 3D Trajectory
    Velocity Release Velocity
    Spin Total Spin
    Top Spin
    Side Spin
    Gyro Spin
    True Spin
    Spin Efficiency
    Spin Axis
    Seam Orientation
    Break Vertical Trajectory
    Horizontal Trajectory
    Vertical Spin
    Horizontal Spin
    Seam Shifted Wake
    Hitting Data
    Hit Exit Velocity
    Launch Angle
    Hit Direction
    Trajectory Distance
    3D Trajectory
    Strike Position Strike Zone Height
    Strike Zone Side
    Contact Point Contact Side
    Contact Height
    Contact Depth
    Play Outcome Hit
    Spin Total Spin
    Spin Axis

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    Unlock the Power of PRO 3.0

    A Rapsodo Team Membership is required to active your Rapsodo PRO 3.0. New customers must also purchase a Team Membership at checkout. Current customers can log-in to their existing Cloud account to upgrade to a Team Membership.

    A Rapsodo Team Membership is an annual subscription that gives you the ability to unlock all of the PRO 3.0 features. When you become a Rapsodo Team Member, you gain access to Diamond App, the application that collects all your PRO 3.0 data, and Rapsodo Cloud, where your data is stored. The Rapsodo Team Membership was designed to give you access to industry-leading analytics tools that will help accelerate your player development program.

    Rapsodo Team Membership Benefits

    • Unlimited Coach Accounts
    • Unlimited Player Profiles
    • Store up to 10,000 Videos
    • 4 Annual Certification Courses
    • Advanced Pitching & Hitting Reports
    • Export Player Reports
    • RapScore Player Evaluation Metric NEW!
    • Certified Assessments NEW!
    • App Customization NEW!
    • Auto Pitch Tagging NEW!
    • Dedicated Account Manager NEW!
    • Game Mode NEW!
    • Discounts on all Rapsodo Products

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    Follow our Quick Start Guide

    The battery is charged while inside the unit. Use the charger provided and plug directly into the USB-C port on the PRO 3.0 beside the power button. The light above the power button will turn blue when the battery is charging.

    Yes, the mono side that has the red arrow should be facing the mound and the stereo side should be facing home plate.

    For best results, each mound or batting cage should be 10-12 ft. apart.

    Flashing red: The unit is powering on

    Solid red: The unit is disarmed

    Green: The unit is armed

    Blue: The unit is processing a pitch/hit

    White: Unit is streaming calibration images to the Diamond App

    Follow the process in our Quick Start Guide

    1. After setting up the unit and connecting to it in the Diamond App, tap on the PRO 3.0 icon in the bottom right corner of the Play screen

    2. Tap on the “Recalibrate” button

    3. The lights on top of the unit will turn white and Diamond App will display calibration streams of all 3 cameras

    4. Set up the calibration board flush with the front edge of home plate. Also make sure the board is level by using the bubble level on top of the board.

    5. Make sure the red azimuth line for the Mono camera is in line with the middle of the rubber. Then make sure both red azimuth lines on the Stereo cameras are landing on the calibration board.

    Note: if the line on the Mono camera is in line with the middle of the rubber, but the two Stereo lines are not on the board, make sure the unit is directly in line between home plate and the mound.

    6. Once all 3 cameras are lined up, tap the “Field Calibration” button in the bottom right corner

    7. You should get a “Calibration Successful” message, after which tap the “Done” button that will populate in the bottom right corner to save the calibration.

    Note: If the calibration is not successful, follow the instructions from the popup message at the bottom of the screen and attempt this step again. Again, make sure the unit is set up correctly and that the calibration board is level.

    The PRO 3.0 is not currently set up to support pairing with Insight.

    To perform a live-on-live session, you must first choose the Multiplayer setting in the Diamond App. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Play Screen>Multiplayer>select all the pitchers and hitters you wish to record data with>Select a Live-on-Live session classification

    2. From here, you will be able to drag and drop players into a Hitters or Pitchers list for the session. Players that are only listed as Pitchers or Hitters will auto populate into the corresponding column.

    3. Once you start the session, you will be able to tap on the left and right arrows of both the hitters and the pitchers to navigate between players

    Yes! Follow the same setup procedure with the PRO 3.0 and Diamond App, then choose the Game Mode session classification.

    Still have questions?

    If you cannot find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer to you shortly!

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    Trade-In Your 2.0 Unit

    Take your player development to the next level with our exclusive trade-in program for the new Rapsodo PRO 3.0. If you own a Rapsodo 2.0 unit (hitting, pitching or both) contact us to learn more about the program and how to take advantage of this limited-time offer.