Rapsodo and Golf Digest Announce Coach Connect™ Partnership

Rapsodo and Golf Digest Announce Coach Connect™ Partnership

Rapsodo announced its partnership with Golf Digest at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL. Golf Digest is the world's number one golf media brand.

This partnership is to build the new Coach Connect™ platform together. Coach Connect will make improving your golf performance easier with better results. This remote coaching platform connects Rapsodo's MLM, a groundbreaking technology and teaching tool, with Golf Digest Schools' digital instruction content from top instructors. Together, these technologies will create powerful game-improvement experiences for golfers of all skill levels.

Golf Digest Schools is a digital subscription platform that provides golfers unlimited access to over 350 video lessons and practice plans.

“This collaboration with Golf Digest will take the Mobile Launch Monitor and use of golf analytics to the next level,” Batuhan Okur, founder and CEO of Rapsodo, said. “Rapsodo’s ultimate goal is to help player performance, Coach Connect is going to bring us there.”

The new collaboration will make the Rapsodo MLM the "Official Launch Monitor" of Golf Digest and combine virtual coaching experiences with the power of Golf Digest’s instruction ecosystem, creating a new, cutting-edge platform.

Coach Connect will bring users the power and knowledge of top Golf Digest instructors any time, anywhere.

Users will be able to access Coach Connect with subscriptions in either the MLM mobile app or the Golf Digest Schools mobile app. This is currently in development and will be available in the spring of 2020.

The platform will allow users to tap into digital swing analysis and in-app coaching through Golf Digest Schools.

Students can record a video of their swing through the MLM app, then upload the video to their favorite coach for review. The coaches will analyze the swing and data, then provide full written lesson explanation and drill suggestions directly back to you.

Users will also be able to record video of their swings through the MLM and access MLM data on their mobile devices in real-time outside of coaching sessions.