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  • The Rapsodo Green Grass Program: Using the MLM to Drive Revenue, Performance, and Engagement
The Rapsodo Green Grass Program: Using the MLM to Drive Revenue, Performance, and Engagement

The Rapsodo Green Grass Program: Using the MLM to Drive Revenue, Performance, and Engagement

July 04, 2022

One of the most significant evolutions in golf instruction over the last decade is not just the capability of technology, but the accessibility of technology. 

Tools that were once reserved for elite performance centers are now available to the recreational golfer.  Look no further than the launch monitor market.  Ten years ago, meaningful ball flight data cost $20,000 and required professional calibration.  Today, MLM makes it available for $500 with a device that can be carried in your pocket.    

Since our launch, we have had continued requests from coaches asking not only about using our launch monitor tech at their facilities, but using the MLM to implement programs that can help students when they are by themselves.

These instructors know that easy-to-understand ball flight data and real-time feedback enhances their student’s learning during a lesson so why wouldn’t they want the same experience for a student outside of a lesson?  

What if instead of mindlessly hitting balls, your golfers were executing your practice plans?  What if instead of guessing distance they were calibrating distance?  What if instead of only selling your time, you were able to sell a program? 

Much like SuperSpeed has done with swing speed or Whoop has done with sleep performance, equipping golfers with tools and technology of their own elevates their engagement in the process and creates ownership of the outcome. 

Technology will never be a substitute for good coaching, but it can be an enhancement of good coaching.  Bringing ball flight data to the recreational golfer doesn’t just help instructors teach a better lesson, it offers an opportunity to deliver a more comprehensive practice program.  

With direction from our advisory board and input from PGA Professionals, we have created the Rapsodo Green Grass Program with the following goals:   

  • Improve Performance   
  • Drive Revenue  
  • Increase Engagement  

Data-Driven Coaching  

While our coach customers continue to innovate and surprise us with new approaches, these are three common categories for using the MLM as part of instruction:  

The Results Speak for Themselves

"If you want a game changer then this is what you need. all the aspects of it are amazing. the video, shot tracker, ease of use makes it a five star. I will promise this to anyone that gets it well worth every penny. my handicap index is now down to a 4.8 and this is just what I was looking for to be able to review not only my good shots but the bad ones to correct and better my game. Well done to Rapsodo."


"This is a great launch monitor. I use it for my personal practice and in my classes. I have personally set it up next to a trackman and it was less than a yard off on average. The Trackman said 187.6 and the Rapsodo said 188. It's extremely fast to set up and my students like the games and contests, especially because it is a fun way to gather data. I’ve been able to increase my lesson costs and am going to implement a whole new lesson plan around the MLM!"


New Revenue 

This fresh data-driven model of instruction also opens  new revenue channels to our instructors, in an easy,  no-inventory  way.  Our  two wholesale pricing options allow instructors to select a method that works for their operation and deliver units to their members instantly. 

Stocking Programs:
Volume-based pricing structures,
delivery to accounts
Affiliate Pricing:
Unique codes, no inventory,
referral fee


We have worked with our customers and advisors to develop marketing tools to help make this turnkey for your program.

Increase Engagement  

It is more important now than ever to maintain a strong connection with your students. Providing them with the ability to track their progress keeps them accountable and consistent in their practice. Not only will they love seeing their swing and ball trace on video but having the data for each shot makes it simple and exciting to see improvements. The validation the MLM provides will keep them coming back for more.  

How to  get on board:  

  1. Send us a note, and we will schedule a complimentary consultation. 
  1. We’ll help you choose the right  program, and you’ll receive your own demo unit*.
  1. We send you marketing materials and an implementation plan.  

*Contact Geoff Hodgkins to get started!  


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