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The ultimate edge in precision golf technology has arrived. MLM2PRO is better than the next best thing for your game; it's the future of your game. Whether you're practicing or playing, level up with MLM2PRO.

2 cameras.
double the vısıon.
mlm 2 pro
Impact Vision
Examine slow-motion GIFs with a high-speed impact vision camera that captures impact and initial ball flight at 240 frames per second. Whether you’ve struck it dead-center or toward the heel or toe, get visibility into every last detail.
Shot Vision
See down-the-line swing videos in slow-motion complete with shot-tracer technology. Pair your device with a phone or tablet to capture an additional video angle, like face-on.
If you can track it,
you can improve it.
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Carry Distance

Distance the ball travels through the air.

Sider Carry
Side Carry
side carry icon
Side Carry

The distance from the target line based on where the ball lands

Ball Speed
Ball Speed
ball speed icon
Ball Speed

Velocity of the ball just after impact

Launch Direction
launch direction icon
Launch Direction

Initial direction the ball starts relative to the target line

total icon

Initial direction the ball starts relative to the target line

Club Speed
Club Speed
club speed icon
Club Speed

Velocity of the club head at impact

Smash Factor
smash factor icon
Smash Factor

Ratio of ball speed to club speed

Indicates a measured metric
Spin Rate
Spin Rate NEW
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Spin Rate

The amount of spin on the golf ball immediately after impact

Spin Axis
Spin Axis NEW
spin axis icon
Spin Axis

The measurement of axis tilt that the ball spins on

Launch Angle
launch angle icon
Launch Angle

Initial angle of ascent of the golf ball immediately after impact

Descent Angle
descent angle icon
Descent Angle

The angle at which the golf ball approaches the ground

apex icon

The maximum height of the golf ball's trajectory

Shot Type
Shot Type
shot type icon
Shot Type

Shape and relative curve of the flight of the ball.

a new spın
on traınıng
A partnership that drives spin tracking. rapsodo callaway

Accurately measure your spin with Rapsodo Precision Technology™ (RPT™) golf balls. The custom designed Callaway® RPT™ Chrome Soft X® Golf Balls deliver the ultimate indoor golf experience by providing spin measurements within 1% of the accuracy of high-priced launch monitors.

Your game. Anywhere.
rapsodo tripod
rapsodo device
Access to 30,000+ Golf Courses.

The ML2MPRO pairs with your phone to give you professional grade, multi-dimensional visibility, a virtual Rapsodo Range, and thousands of Rapsodo simulated golf courses so your game goes wherever you go.

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Mastery in the bag.

Anywhere, anytime, MLM2PRO's form factor and modern design fit in your golf bag and take just a few seconds to set up. Whether you're posting up at the range, or hanging up the net in your garage, get ready to expand the possibilities for practice or play.

A launch monitor made for any device.

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The hype is real
the hype is real
the hype is real

What people have to say about mlm2pro

Rapsodo's new mobile launch monitor and golf simulator takes accessible golf technology to the next level.

golf digest Golf Digest

[MLM2PRO] opens up a whole new world which historically has only really been available to professionals at the highest level, but now you have access to that on your driving range, in your practice, whether indoors or outdoors.tracer of your shot. Measuring spin is a game changer!

Mark Blackburn Mark Blackburn, 2020 PGA Teacher of the Year

The MLM2PRO is jam-packed with tech and design features that simply set it apart from other affordable launch monitors.

Paul Liberatore Paul Liberatore, Golfers Authority

Rapsodo has found the sweet spot of performance and price with the MLM2PRO.  I truly believe the MLM2PRO is going to be a game changer for golfers everywhere.

golficity Golficity
*Program available to U.S. residents only.
TRADE IN. TRADE UP. Rapsodo Golf and 2nd Swing have partnered to offer you an opportunity to trade-in your old golf equipment and trade-up to the latest in golf technology.
#1. Value Your Trade-In Use the 2nd Swing Valuation Guide to determine your trade-in value.
#2. Ship Your Trade-In Send your trade-in to 2nd Swing for inspection.
#3. Receive Your Payment 2nd Swing sends you payment by check or PayPal within 7-10 days.

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