Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM)
  • Turn Your iPhone or iPad into a Launch Monitor
  • Data and Insights Every Golfer Needs
  • Immediate Feedback on the Range, Immediate Results on the Course
  • Practice Smarter, Not Longer
  • Swing With More Confidence, Shoot Better Scores
  • Data-Driven Insights & Visualizations
  • Performance Combines: Test. Score. Improve. NEW
  • Slow Motion Video Replay (4 Different Speeds)
  • Video Storage: Up to 10K Shots
  • Shot Apex with Video Replay
  • COACH CONNECT™: Access to Online Lessons with Top Instructors
Compatible IOS Devices
SAVE $150 $499.99 $349.99 Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) Mobile Launch Monitor + 1 Year Premium Subscription
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$499.99 $499.99 $349.99 Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM)
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#1 Rated Personal Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is the only launch monitor that pairs doppler radar technology with your iPhone or iPad camera to provide instant video replay, active shot tracer, and professional level accuracy (within 2% of Trackman) on: Distance, Club Speed, Ball Speed , Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Launch Direction and Shot Apex.

What's included
  • Mobile Launch Monitor
  • USB-C Cable
  • Carry Case
  • Quick Start Guide

Earn Your Confidence

Improve Your Swing and Hit Better Shots

Seeing is believing. Video replay and shot tracer help you understand more about your golf swing and how to fix it.

Pull The Right Club and Shoot Lower Scores

The MLM’s GPS view gives you shot scatter visuals for deeper insights, better practice and more confident club selection.

See How Your Game Stacks Up

Understand your strengths and weaknesses and compare your performance to other golfers in your handicap range.

Practice With A Purpose

The MLM stores every shot for easy comparison and progress analysis. Better practice, better scores.

Performance-Based Practice

Rapsodo Combines lets you evaluate your entire game on the range in 20 minutes or less. Prioritize areas for improvement and create more informed, smarter practice plans.

Earn Your Confidence

Measure to Master

Rapsodo’s Mobile Launch Monitor is as accurate (within 2%) as Trackman at only 2% of the cost. We use proprietary doppler radar technology that works with your iPhone or iPad camera to provide professional level accuracy on:

Premium Subscription

Personalized Insights and Key Takeaways

Performance Combines: Test. Score. Improve. NEW

Slow Motion Video Replays

Video Storage up to 10,000 Videos

Shot Apex

Access to Online Golf Lessons

Premium Subscription

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Take your game to the next level!
Features Free
Shot Tracer
GPS Shot Map
Video Playback
Club Gapping
Shot Shape Frequency
Share Your Shots
Virtual Competition
Shot Storage 100 Videos 10,000 Videos
Net Practice
Smart Club Recognition
Shot Tracer + Apex
Slow-Motion Playback
Access to Online Golf Lessons
Performance Combines
Recommended Distances Combines Test
Custom Distances Combines Test
Performance Combines Evaluation Report
Session Insights
Dispersion Pattern
Dispersion Index
Launch Angle Optimizer
Smash Factor Optimizer
Ball Striking Index
Shot Shape Comparison
Landing Side Analysis
Landing Side Comparison
Club Comparison
Compare Your Game to Pros

Includes 7 days free trial period! Cancel anytime.

Big Winner Here!!! Jeff Barnes

The MLM is a huge hit for Rapsodo... I’ve tried many mobile launch monitoring devices and this one is far and away the easiest to set down, get a swing and get data (with video) to help your improvement efforts. Great job Rapsodo... keep the upgrades coming via software updates

Great New Launch Monitor Jerry K. Curl

The launch monitor was easy to setup, I am using it with my iPad so that I don’t tie up my phone while practicing. The information is great, and the accuracy was pretty close to my estimated normal distances. I like the video playback feature with shot tracer, that has helped me a great deal (I am blind in my left eye and have trouble following the ball flight)! Overall I think this is a great new product in the sub-$600 range, compared to others on the market

Accuracy is Great. Love Using at Range! Phil Campbell 

This little launch monitor is great with my iPhone. I haven't used it yet with my iPad. It has really helped me dial in my distances for short range pitches from 30-65 yards.I have work to do on my swing as well but this tool is a success. Captures your swing and provides the data of the shot. Club head speed is great to know if you are trying to get longer. Overall very happy with if I can have some 50+ degree days in middle TN I will be at the range! Setting up the iPhone to the monitor can be a little tedious......just reset your distance and that seemed to help me.

A truly amazing product! David

The Rapsodo Launch Monitor is an incredible piece of technology. It provides excellent video feedback with the launch tracer of your shot. It provides clear data on distance, clubhead speed, ball speed, and launch angle for each shot. It projects all of your shots on a satellite image of where you are hitting your shots from. It provides outstanding scatter graphics of shots for each club and with a wave of your club, it even seemlessly reads what club you have selected to hit so that you do not have to manually enter the data. The distance recorded was very accurate and really helped me determine the average distances (and ranges) for each club in my bag. This produce provides much of the same information as the Track Man monitor at a fraction of the price. I am a technology maven and the Rapsodo Launch Monitor is the best piece of technology that I have seen in 5 years!

The Best Personal Launch Monitor on the Market Jack Curtis

Have been researching personal launch monitors for last few years and each time the product had its limited. I stumbled upon this product last week and after doing my research I said let me give it a shot. Well I will say this if you want a game changer then this is what you need. all the aspects of it are amazing. the video , shot tracker , ease of use makes it a five star. I will promise this to anyone that gets it well worth every penny. my handicap index is a 4.8 and this is just what I was looking for to be able to review not only my good shots but the bad ones to correct and better my game. Well done to Rapsodo.

Highly Recommended! Most Complete Ball Tracker on the Market Andrew Rae

Great Investment! I was somewhat skeptical at first, but the setup is fairly easy (>5min). The unit is accurate as far as I can tell. The technology in this small unit is incredible. I had a couple of issues early on, but their customer service is PHENOMENAL, and fixed every one of my issues. I looked at a few launch monitors before going with this one, and it is by far, the most complete product on the market. If you're looking for a product to improve your game or gap your clubs accurately, buy this

Incredible Technology! Great Value!  Tom

Technology is just incredible, and rivals products that sell for $25K. A little bit of work to first set up and operate, but there are videos online that walk you through everything. Had trouble when first using, but their customer service was unbelievable, and were able to review my actual videos and provided help and immediate feedback. Making sure you have current firmware and a fully charged phone is the key. Once it's setup its super easy to use, and videos and data can be emailed or texted with the push of a button. I would recommend this product for anyone who is passionate about golf, and wants to track swing / ball speed, and improve performance. 

Super Cool, Small, Very Helpful! Rachel Goodwin

I love my new Rapsodo MLM! I've tried them all, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. The Rapsodo MLM is unique in this field because it not only gives you launch data (distance, ball speed, club speed, smash factor/shot type), it also gives you a video of your swing. This helps a LOT because you can compare your good shots to your bad hots and try to figure out what you did differently. I've already made huge changes in my swing based on the video from the unit. And the yardage gives me an idea of how effective my swing was

Outdoor Only
iPhones: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
iPads: iPad Air 3rd Gen, iPad Mini 5th Gen, iPad 5 (2017), iPad Pro 2nd Gen (WiFi 12.9), iPad Pro 10.5 in (2017), iPad 6th Gen, iPad 7th Gen, iPad 8th Gen 10.2 (2020), iPad Pro 11in.

Outdoor + Net
iPhones: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd gen), iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Mini
iPads: iPad Pro 3rd Gen, iPad Air 4th Gen, iPad Pro (12.9") 1st Gen, iPad Pro (9.7"), iPad Pro (11") 2nd Gen, iPad Pro (12.9") 4th Gen, iPad Pro 12.9 in. 5th Gen, iPad Pro 11 in. 3rd Gen, iPad 9th gen, iPad Mini 5th Gen, iPad Mini 6th Gen.

Auto-Club Recognition
iPhones: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE 2nd Gen, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Mini
iPads: iPad Pro (11in.), iPad Pro (11in.) 2nd Gen, iPad Pro 3rd Gen (12.9in.), iPad Pro 4th Gen (12.9in.), iPad Pro 12.9 in. 5th Gen

Note: If you do not see the net option appear on your app, your device is not currently compatible with net mode.

The MLM provides pro-level accuracy on: Carry Distance, Total Distance, Launch Angle, Launch Direction, Side Carry, Smash Factor, Club Speed and Ball Speed.

Get the most out of your game with a Premium Subscription and get access to Personalized Insights and Key Takeaways like shot dispersion, club gapping, shot shape frequency and more. Plus Premium features like slow motion video replays, shot apex, Performance Combines and access to online golf lessons.

Outdoor set up: Set MLM up 6-8ft behind you and the ball facing down your target line. You want at least 60-80 ft. of ball flight.

Net set up (indoor or outdoor net): Set MLM up 6-8ft behind you and the ball facing down your target line. Set your net at least 8ft in front of the ball. The MLM needs at least 8ft of ball flight to capture data.

Net Set Up & Outdoor and Net Comparison

There are a few ways to change clubs:

You can use smart club recognition during your outdoor session to change clubs or you can manually change by tapping on the upper right-hand corner and selecting the club you will be using.

ou can use smart club recognition during your outdoor session to change clubs or you can manually change by tapping on the upper right-hand corner and selecting the club you will be usin

Yes. The MLM assumes you are using a premium ball. If you are using a range ball, depending on how used they are, you may see your distance appear a bit short. You cannot use whiffle or foam balls.

You can select whether you would your data to be “carry, total, or both”. To see that data, go into a session, tap on the change metrics icon (listed above club type) and select between which data points you would like to appear.

Yes. The MLM normalizes data. This means the MLM does not take wind, weather, slope or elevation into consideration. It assumes a premium ball is being used. Since the MLM assumes you are at sea level, if you are located in an area with high altitude/elevation, you may see shorter distances appear on your MLM.

Yes, this is currently a premium subscription feature. You can change the data points by starting your session and tapping on the bottom left-hand part of the screen (you should see three lines). Once you tap on the three lines, the second option is “Change Metrics”. Then select the three metrics you would like to be shown in instant feedback.

Overheating is due to your iPhone/iPad getting too hot. Generally, your iOS device is overheating more so from the direct sunlight/humidity than the actual temperature. To help prevent this, shade your MLM as much as possible, such as with your golf bag. Make sure all apps are closed out in the background of your device and just the MLM app is running. Taking off the case will also help with your phone not overheating as quickly.

Note: Please note iPhones made before the iPhone 11 are more prone to overheating.

The MLM requires a ball to be hit in order to receive data. Using SuperSpeed Sticks or other trainers with the MLM where you are not hitting a ball, will result in you not be shown any swing speed data.

If you are seeing your MLM change from green>blue>green but no data is appearing, please see the below steps to ensure proper set up and alignment:

1. The MLM is set up on a flat surface and not angled; if you are on a slant, use the MLM case to level it to the ball.

2. The MLM is at least 6 ft behind the ball and no more than 8ft.

3. The MLM is facing down the target line in order for ball flight to be seen. There needs to be at least 8ft of ball flight before hitting the net in order for data to trigger and at least 60-80 ft when hitting outdoor.

4. Make sure no objects are obstructing the camera view of the ball. Ex. Too tall of a mat, tall grass etc. The ball needs to be in view in order to track data.

5. Ball must be in view on the screen, if you cannot see the ball on the screen, the MLM will not be able to pick up its starting position.

6. Lighting: Wither your net is located indoors or outdoors, you need sufficient lighting. This includes at the beginning position of the ball as well as the ball flight. If the initial ball cannot be seen, you will not receive data, as well if the ball flight cannot be seen, you will not receive data. A room with overhead lighting filling the room is suggested.

7. If you have a magnetic phone case, remove before using MLM.

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