WELCOME Unlock a new level of play with Rapsodo Golf — the ultimate edge in precision golf technology.Improve practice and lessons, elevate your tee gifts, and engage members like never before. Explore how Rapsodo Golf can become a cornerstone at your club.
January 24, 9am - 11am COME CHECK IT OUT! Featured Events at Rapsodo Golf Booth #2129

Feature Presenter: Mark Blackburn, Golf Digest’s #1 Teacher

Topic: The Importance of Golf Technology in Teaching the Game

January 24, 2pm - 3pm COME CHECK IT OUT! Featured Events at Rapsodo Golf Booth #2129

Feature Presenter: Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, golf’s foremost biomechanist and Co-Founder of ‘The Stack’

Topic: Keys to Effective Speed Training

January 25, 3pm - 5pm COME CHECK IT OUT! Featured Events at Rapsodo Golf Booth #2129

Key Event: Awesome Golf & Rapsodo Happy Hours

Longest Drive, Closet to the Pin Contest with prizes!  (alcoholic beverages service will start at 4pm) 🥂

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#1 RATED PERSONAL LAUNCH MONITOR The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) pairs doppler-radar technology with your iPhone or iPad camera to provide instant video replay, active shot tracer, and professional-level accuracy (within 2% of Trackman) on: Distance, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Launch Direction, Smash Factor and more! explore
Meet MLM2PRO. upgrade your game. MLM2PRO™ is a launch monitor and golf simulator designed for complete visibility into your game. Stacked with two advanced cameras plus Doppler Radar to provide video feedback and precise measurement on all golf shots. Pair MLM2PRO with any Android, Apple phone, or tablet to record multiple angles of your swing and watch your golf game grow. EXPLORE
Rapsodo Launch Monitors Delight Members as The Ultimate Tee Gift  This past summer, Rapsodo Golf thrilled Coppinwood Golf Club members and guests with a brand new launch monitor as a tee gift for their participation in their annual member/guest tournament. See how Rapsodo Golf’s inclusion elevated the Coppinwood tournament by providing participants with an amazing product and experience.     
Special Green Grass Pricing for PGA Members & Golf Events With special pricing available for PGA Members, golf tournaments and company events, Rapsodo will take your event 2024 tournament to the next level without breaking the budget.
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