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Rapsodo Golf August Combine Contest

Rapsodo Golf is partnering with Golf Digest’s Top 50 Instructor, Claude Harmon III, to help golfers of all skill levels get their game dialed in! All you have to do is take a Rapsodo Combine on your MLM2PRO™ or MLM device during the month of August for a chance to win a virtual lesson with one of the best coaches in the game!  Each Rapsodo Combine that is completed and synced in August counts as an entry, so the more you take the more chances to win a virtual lesson with Claude Harmon III! At the end of August two lucky Rapsodo users will win a virtual lesson from the award-winning instructor.

To enter, owners of Rapsodo’s newest launch monitor, the MLM2PRO™, or its predecessor, the Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) that reside in the US and Canada (excluding Quebec), simply have to complete and sync a Rapsodo Combine at least once in August.  


Rapsodo Combine - 24 Shots. 2 Targets.

Rapsodo Combine Contest Overview

Who: Contest to Celebrate All MLM2PRO™ and MLM Premium Members!   

What: August Rapsodo Combine Contest 

When: August 1st – August 31st  

Where: Take a Rapsodo Combine on your MLM2PRO indoors or outdoors. Indoor sessions require the use of the RPT™ golf ball. A MLM Combine can be taken outside only and cannot be done using a net.  

Why: Chance to win a Virtual Lesson with Claude Harmon III, Rapsodo Golf Swag, or RPT™ Golf Balls. 

Award-Winning Feature

The Rapsodo Combine is an award-winning feature available for MLM2PRO™ or MLM owners who have a Rapsodo Premium Membership for their respective device, and allows users access to more product features, metrics and data insights. The practice platform is a standardized experience allowing users to take short skills tests to identify their performance strengths and weaknesses. It gamifies practice, by requiring the golfer to constantly change their target length. The Rapsodo Combine was created by Rapsodo Golf as well as Dr. Sasho MacKenze, golf’s foremost biomechanist and a trusted Rapsodo Advisor. The test is done in 24 swings and typically completed in less than 20 minutes. At the end of the evaluation, the golfer is provided with a score, which helps users better understand their strengths and weaknesses, so there is clarity on which aspects of their game need to improve the most.

How is a Rapsodo Combine Scored? 

Your Combine score is out of 100 points.

  • The Approach targets score is based on proximity to the selected target distance. 
  • The score for the Driving target is based on total distance and distance offline. 

“Rapsodo has created extremely valuable yet affordable launch monitors that golfers at any stage can gain significant insight from, and I take great pride in standing behind these products,” Claude Harmon III said. “The Combine feature is extremely effective, and it’s something I leverage with my own students. I look forward to working with and sharing advice with these winners as well and hope this contest encourages more Rapsodo users to utilize this tool.”

Rapsodo Combine: A Premium Feature



With the Rapsodo Combine, Premium Members will be able to take unlimited Combines and keep track of their historical performance over time. For MLM users, all Combines must be taken outside via Range mode. MLM2PRO allows for Combine tests to be taken indoors or outdoors. An indoor Combine test does require pairing with an RPT™ golf ballPremium Memberships for MLM and MLM2PRO™ enhance the overall user experience and provide access to even more features and metrics. Annual MLM Premium Memberships can be purchased via the MLM App or on our website.. MLM2PRO Premium Membership is included in the first year with purchase of an MLM2PRO. MLM2PRO Premium Membership can be renewed in the MLM2PRO App.


Learn more about the MLM2PRO.

Learn more about the Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM).

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor August Promotion

During the month of August bundle and save $50 when you buy a MLM + MLM Premium Membership. Already a MLM customer? During the month of August save $25 when you upgrade to a MLM Premium Membership.

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