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Build a swing that works best for you with Rapsodo's baseball hitting trainer HITTING 2.0. Get immediate video playback with instant data feedback on your exit velocity, launch angle, exit direction, spin axis, and more, sent directly from the unit to your iPad through the Rapsodo Diamond App. Access all historical hitting data and videos inside the Rapsodo Cloud and take advantage of other player development features like advanced hitting reports, Rapsodo Certified Assessments, RapScore, 3D Ball Flight Analysis and more!
  • Trusted by all 30 MLB Teams
  • 1,000+ Colleges and Universities
  • 7,000+ Coaches
  • 175,000+ Players
*A Rapsodo Team Membership is required to use HITTING 2.0.
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Rapsodo HITTING 2.0 uses camera and radar technology that measures and analyzes all possible data points of a batted ball in flight, giving you the ability to perfect your swing rep by rep. Our unit integrates directly with our easy-to-use Diamond App, where you can view all your swing metrics including exit velocity, launch angle, hit direction and more. Make adjustments to your swing in real-time or view historical data and reports after each session inside the Rapsodo Cloud. HITTING 2.0 was designed to be portable, so you can take it to the field or leave it in the cage.

Indoor/Outdoor Use


Paired with our easy to use Diamond App, HITTING 2.0 provides coaches and players with:

  • Immediate Video Feedback with Data Overlay
  • 3D Ball Flight Analysis
  • Practice options for Tee, Front Toss/Live or Soft Toss
  • Kinematics (COMING SOON!)


Rapsodo Team Membership is required to active your Rapsodo HITTING 2.0. New customers must purchase a Team Membership at checkout. Current customers can login to their existing Cloud account to purchase additional HITTING 2.0 units.

Rapsodo Team Membership is an annual subscription that gives you the ability to use HITTING 2.0. When you become a Rapsodo Team Member, you unlock access to Diamond App, the application that collects all your HITTING 2.0 data, and Rapsodo Cloud, where your data is stored. Rapsodo Team Members also get access to all of the following analytics tools and features:


Exit Velocity
Launch Angle
Spin Rate
Spin Direction
3D Ball Flight
  • Rapsodo Camera and Radar Monitor
  • Rapsodo Computing Engine (RCE)
  • Rapsodo Protection Tank
  • Monitor and RCE Carrying pouches
  • Charger and USB cable