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Get pitch design analysis like never before with Rapsodo PITCHING 2.0. Instant data and video feedback plus pitch tunneling analysis provide the tools players need to develop a complete pitch arsenal.


Immediate Video Feedback

Analyze your pitching mechanics rep after rep in slow motion with immediate video feedback and Rapsodo data overlay.

Easy To Use App

Designed with coaches and players in mind, Diamond App gives you every data point and report you need at your fingertips.

Auto Pitch Tagging

Save time with auto pitch tagging. Simply throw a pitch and your PITCHING 2.0 will recognize it.

Strike Zone Analysis

Know exactly where each pitch lands in or out of the strike zone.

3D Spin Feedback

See your pitches like never before. View each pitch with our 3D spin feedback feature or see it on a simulated field from any angle so you can fully understand the path and flight of each pitch.

Pitching Reports

Rapsodo pitching reports go beyond data collection. See strike zone percentages, break plots, spin profiles, pitch breakdowns and more in an exportable PDF format.


Take it to the field or leave it in the cage. PITCHING 2.0 is lightweight and durable so you can use it anywhere you train.

Pitch Tunneling

Get release point and ball flight comparisons for different pitches.

Certified Assessment

Edge Visualizations

Understand where each pitch is landing and spinning compared to other pitches. Then use pitch
recommendations in your reports to discover which pitch is best to throw.

Training & Support

Access training videos anytime, anywhere so you can make Rapsodo data your second language, or call your dedicated Rapsodo Account Manager with questions any time.

Baseball pitch tracker for all levels

Capture every pitch alongside valuable data metrics that will help your players become the pitchers they want to be. Rapsodo’s PITCHING 2.0 is easy-to-use, portable and trusted by the best in the game!

Build dominating pitch arsenals

Instant data and video feedback plus pitch tunneling analysis provide the tools players need to develop a complete pitch arsenal.



How fast a pitch is traveling during flight, measured in miles per hour (MPH).
89.6 MPH

Spin Rate

The rate at which the ball spins during flight, measured in rotations per minute (RPM). There is a stronger correlation between spin rate and swinging-strike percentage than between velocity and swinging-strike percentage.
Total Spin
2240 RPM

True Spin Rate

The spin directly impacting the movement of a pitch. Also known as “useful spin,” it is perpendicular to the direction the ball is traveling, deflecting the otherwise straight horizontal and vertical path of the ball.
True Spin
2059 RPM

Spin Direction

The tilt or angle of the baseball from the release point, measured in degrees, created by the Magnus effect. The Magnus effect is created by the air pressure surrounding the spinning baseball on its path to home plate.
Spin Direction

Spin Efficiency

Pitch Break

How much a ball has moved when it crosses the strike zone compared to what its position would have been without spin. Break is measured horizontally and vertically in inches.
Vert. Break - Horz. Break
11.4” - 18.5”

Release Height

The height of the ball at the point of release.
Release Height

Release Angle

The vertical angle at which the ball was released out of the hand.
Release Angle