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  • MLB Teams Using PRO 3.0 and Trajekt to Replicate Any MLB Pitcher and Pitch
MLB Teams Using PRO 3.0 and Trajekt to Replicate Any MLB Pitcher and Pitch

MLB Teams Using PRO 3.0 and Trajekt to Replicate Any MLB Pitcher and Pitch

July 10, 2024

The introduction of technology in baseball has seen massive leaps in the last few years and Rapsodo has been at the forefront of this recent trend.  

In addition to the release of our PRO 2.0 ball flight monitor product, Rapsodo’s PRO 3.0 is already renowned for its ability to capture and analyze pitching data with unparalleled accuracy. From velocity and spin rate to movement and release point, PRO 3.0 provides a comprehensive overview of every aspect of a pitcher's performance. 

We’ve taken the success of PRO 3.0 even farther with our partnership with Trajekt and the Trajekt Arc™, a best-in-class intelligent pitching robot that replicates the in-game experience.  

PRO 3.0 integrates seamlessly with Trajekt’s intelligent pitching robot, which uses precise motor control, image processing and machine learning to simulate different pitch types from actual MLB pitchers.  

In real-world application, a hitter can plug in any pitcher’s data into the Trajekt Arc™ that he may be facing. Trajekt then delivers optimized performance training by replicating in-game at-bats so hitters can practice against that pitcher’s exact arsenal prior to ever setting foot on the field. 

“We integrate each one of our machines with the Rapsodo device, which sits between the pitching machine and the batter. It records the speed, spin, release position, movement of the pitch. It measures the exit velocity of the ball and the launch angle. That’s what we try to replicate,” said Joshua Pope, Co-Founder and CEO of Trajekt. 

Rapsodo and Trajekt Sports have developed an advanced, real-time API allowing instantaneous communication between the systems. This integration is vital to Trajekt's ability to add new pitchers and pitch types into their system's database.  

In preparation for batting practice, the Trajekt Arc™ will throw a series of test pitches, and Rapsodo’s PRO 3.0 will measure the pitches and provide real-time feedback to the Trajekt Arc™. This allows the Trajekt Arc™ to compare the metrics measured by Rapsodo’s PRO 3.0 to Trajekt’s desired output and adjust until the desired output and the measured output are the same. Once the measured data for a pitch is matching the desired data, the pitch will now be added to the device’s system and available for the team to use in training their athletes. The live-on-live feature of PRO 3.0 then allows the hitter to have their measured hit data paired with the measured pitch data from the Trajekt Arc™. 

“Now the batter can get feedback on their performance,” said Pope. “We validate that the pitch came out of our pitching robot exactly like the opposing pitcher. And you can also measure your progress, how you’re performing over time.” 

One of the most significant advantages of the PRO 3.0 and Trajekt integration is the ability to visualize pitch trajectories in real-time. Trajekt's cutting-edge simulation technology allows pitchers and coaches to see precisely how each pitch moves through the air and enters the strike zone. This level of detail not only enhances understanding but also enables more informed decision-making during training sessions and games. 

The Trajekt Arc™️ and Rapsodo PRO 3.0 partnership has recently received more attention as being used by Shohei Ohtani, helping him become the first Japanese player to become the home run leader and win the MVP award for the second time. 

The integration of PRO 3.0 with Trajekt represents a significant advancement in pitching analysis technology. By combining Rapsodo's precision data capture with Trajekt's advanced trajectory simulation, users gain unprecedented insight into pitching mechanics, strategy, and effectiveness.  

For more information on Rapsodo’s PRO 3.0, visit our website. To learn more about Trajekt Sports and the Arc™, visit Trajekt's website. 

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