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Standout Prospects at the 2024 MLB Draft Combine
While many baseball fans were locked into the Men’s College World Series in Omaha this past week, there was another event happening 1,300 miles away with some of the top prospects in the upcoming MLB Draft.

What is the MLB Draft Combine?

The 2024 MLB Draft Combine features the top high school and college baseball prospects who are eligible for the 2024 MLB Draft at Chase Field in Phoenix.

The Combine gives these athletes the opportunity to participate in a series of assessments designed to prepare them for a career in professional baseball. Players have an opportunity to boost their draft stock, while showcasing their talents to MLB teams prior to next month’s MLB Draft.

As an official partner of the MLB Player Development Pipeline and USA Baseball, the MLB Combine utilizes Rapsodo’s PRO 3.0 ball flight monitor to help evaluate over 300 of the top pitchers and hitters from high schools and colleges across the nation.

Our team collected data during the on-field pitching and hitting sessions, providing MLB clubs and personalities to access real-time analytics.

With hitting and pitching being a large area of the MLB Combine, Rapsodo was able to provide in-depth reporting and analytics to aid scouts in evaluating the TRUE skill levels of these players.

A total of 319 athletes attended the Combine this year, with 171 of those prospects ranking in MLB Pipeline’s Top 200 Draft Prospects list.

So, who stood out during the lead up to the MLB Draft?

Let’s take a look at the data captured by Rapsodo's PRO 3.0 from Chase Field.

Standout Performers


Dennis Colleran – RHP, Northeastern University

Colleran lit up the PRO 3.0 during his session at Day 2 of the MLB Combine. The 6’3” junior from Northeastern University threw 15 pitches with 7 of those pitches clocking in at 98 MPH or higher that were some of the hardest throws in the Combine. His pitch arsenal included fastball, 2-seam fastball, slider, and splitter. The 20-year-old's slider has breaks hard with his highest spin rate topping out at 2,500 RPMs.

Brock Moore – RHP, Oregon

Outside of Colleran and Trey Gregory-Alford, Brock Moore displayed some of the hardest pitches at this year’s Combine. He tossed 7 fastballs that were all thrown at 98 MPH and collected an average speed of 97.9 MPH on his FB. The prospect out of Oregon sprinkled in a changeup and slider that had an average spin rate of 2,757 RPMs. While the reliever had 3 of the hardest pitches of the week, his two other pitches had trouble finding the strike zone. At 6’6”, Moore should have plenty of potential for a player who transitioned from first base to pitcher only a few seasons ago.

Cade Townsend – RHP, Santa Margarita Catholic HS (CA)

This 6’2” high schooler had 5 of the highest spin rates on the mound at the MLB Combine with a max spin rate of 3,104 on his curveball and averaged 3,055 RPMs on his slider. The Ole Miss commit also displayed the velocity on his fastball topping out at 96 MPH. With his fastball averaging at 17” of vertical break, it plays well with his curveball that shows –13" of vertical break, giving Townsend an advantage at deceiving hitters.


Jared Jones – First Base, LSU

Standing in the box at 6’4” and 253 lbs, Jared Jones has the physical stature to crush the baseball. The sophomore from LSU showcased this with the hardest hit of the MLB Combine at 113.4 MPH. He also registered four of the longest home runs at 437 FT, 439 FT, 450 FT, and 452 FT. Looking at his numbers from his hitting session, Jones had an average exit velocity of 100 MPH, a launch angle of 24.4 degrees, and spin rate of 2,009 which are all optimal numbers to maximize the hitting power matrix (Exit Velocity + Launch Angle + Spin = Maximum Distance).

PJ Morlando – Outfield, Summerville HS (SC)

One of the top prep prospects, PJ Morlando was intentionally walked 8 consecutive times earlier this year. After seeing his numbers at the MLB Combine, it’s not hard to see why. The 19-year-old South Carolina commit had two of the top 5 longest hits with nukes measuring at 444.6 FT and 445.2 FT. His hardest exit velocity was 109.7 while averaging 102.7 MPH on his 15 at bats.

Joseph Sullivan – OF, South Alabama

At only 5’11” and 198 lbs, Sullivan is typically seen as speedster on the diamond, but he certainly helped his draft stock with his batting performance. The junior out of South Alabama had two of the six hardest hit balls at the Combine with exit velocities of 112.2 MPH and 111.9 MPH travelling 427.1 FT and 422.2 FT. For only having 9 home runs during his season, Sullivan showed he can still pack a punch in the batter’s box.

Hunter Hines – First Base, Mississippi State

Out of his 18 swings at the MLB Combine, Hines had 12 swings that were measured over 100 MPH exit velocity and averaged 101 MPH exit velocity for his entire session (fastest exit velocity was 111.4 MPH). He also had 5 of the longest hit balls with the longest measuring at 441.7 FT. As the fourth-ranked all-time home runs leader at Mississippi State with 54 HRs in 3 seasons at the school, Hines continues to prove that his power at the plate is ready for the next level.

Grant Knipp - Two-Way Player, Campbell University

For the sake of this article, Knipp falls under the hitter section, but very well could find himself as a two-way player in the big leagues. The catcher from Campbell University showcased his talents in the batter’s box and on the mound during the MLB Combine. The Campbell redshirt junior had six hits over 100+ MPH while also throwing three pitches hitting 97 MPH on the radar. It’s still undecided how teams would plan to utilize Knipp, but he certainly had the best performance of any two-way player in the Combine.


1 Joseph Sullivan 113.23
2 Jared Jones 113.14
3 Nathan Flewelling 112.4
4 Tague Davis 112.04
5 Joseph Sullivan 111.94
6 PJ Morlando 111.7
7 Hunter Hines 111.55
8 Joseph Sullivan 110.93
9 Nicholas Montgomery 110.48
10 Jared Jones 110.4
11 Hunter Hines 110.36
12 Jared Jones 110.14
13 Zack Stewart 109.95
14 Chase Harlan 109.87
15 PJ Morlando 109.69
16 Jared Jones 109.57
17 Zack Stewart 109.5
18 Mason Guerra 109.2
19 Jared Jones 109.09
20 Aiden Harris 108.99



1 Chase Harlan 453.4
2 Jared Jones 452.3
3 Jared Jones 450.2
4 PJ Morlando 445.2
5 PJ Morlando 444.6
6 Hunter Hines 441.7
7 Jared Jones 439.5
8 PJ Morlando 439.2
9 Jared Jones 437.9
10 Chase Harlan 436.8
11 Carter Mathison 436.3
12 Hunter Hines 434.9
13 Cameron Bufford 430.4
14 Hunter Hines 429.5
15 PJ Morlando 428.6
16 Joseph Sullivan 427.1
17 Tague Davis 426.7
18 Joseph Sullivan 422.2
19 Eddie Rynders 419.6
T20 Hunter Hines 415.9
T20 Kodey Shojinaga 415.9



1 Dennis Colleran 100.38
2 Dennis Colleran 99.76
3 Trey Gregory-Alford 99.7
4 Dennis Colleran 99.54
5 Dennis Colleran 99.43
6 Brock Moore 98.66
7 Dennis Colleran 98.65
8 Brock Moore 98.52
9 Trey Gregory-Alford 98.5
10 Dennis Colleran 98.42
11 Dennis Colleran 98.39
12 Brandon Clarke 98.34
13 Brock Moore 98.33
14 Brock Moore 98.22
15 Brock Moore 98.11
16 Brock Moore 98.06
17 Grant Knipp 97.93
18 Pierce George 97.84
19 Grant Knipp 97.68
20 Grant Knipp 97.63



1 Cade Townsend 3103.9 Curveball
2 Cade Townsend 3067.55 Slider
3 Cade Townsend 3061.19 Slider
4 Conner Ware 3057.24 Curveball
5 Ryan Verdugo 3050.86 Slider
6 Cade Townsend 3048.67 Slider
7 Cade Townsend 3040.89 Slider
8 Cade Obermueller 3,032 Slider
9 Ryan Verdugo 3,022.53 Slider
10 Cade Obermueller 3,014 Slider
11 Ryan Verdugo 3009.04 Slider
12 Ryan Verdugo 2975.58 Slider
13 Conner Ware 2967.25 Curveball
14 Conner Ware 2949.01 Curveball
15 Mason Marriott 2926.16 Curveball
16 Conner Ware 2919.81 Curveball
15 Conner Ware 2908.79 Curveball
17 Mason Marriott 2871.25 Curveball
18 Conner Ware 2864.27 Curveball
19 Herick Hernandez 2862.41 Curveball
20 Noah Franco 2861.67 Slider


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