Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM)

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is the only launch monitor that uses the power and convenience of your iPhone or iPad to provide immediate feedback on launch data, instant video replay and active shot tracker. Indoor and outdoor use and sets up in under 30 seconds.
Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM)
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Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM)
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iOS/Apple devices only
The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) is the 2020 Best Personal Launch Monitor for golf. It is the only launch monitor that uses the power of your iPhone or iPad to provide immediate feedback on launch data, instant video replay and active shot trace (outdoor mode only). Recognized by industry leaders for its pro-level accuracy for shot distance, ball speed, club speed, shot shape, smash factor, launch angle and launch direction, the MLM is trusted by top golf instructors including the PGA Teacher of he Year Mark Blackburn! The MLM provides a data-driven approach to get the most out of your practice sessions. Transform your practice with the affordable, portable and easy-to-use golf launch monitor.

  • The official launch monitor of Golf Digest  
  • Recognized by more than 40 industry publications as a leading launch monitor
  • 2020 Best Personal Launch Monitor (MyGolfSpy)
iPhone & iPad Requirements:
iPhone 7 and up
iPad 2017 and up (must support 1080p)
Net Mode (indoors and outdoors): Currently compatible with these devices for app version 1.5.0: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE 2nd Gen, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPad Pro (7.9″), iPad Pro (12.9″) iPad Pro (11″) 2nd Gen, iPad Pro (12.9″) 3rd Gen, iPad Pro (12.9″) 4th Gen, iPad Air 4th Gen

If your device is not currently supported for MLM Net, please be patient as we continue working to optimize our algorithms to make MLM Net available for additional devices.

Ball Speed
Club Head Speed
Smash Factor
Launch Angle
Launch Direction
  • MLM unit
  • USB-C Cable
  • Carry Case
  • Quick Start Guide (Storage for 100 videos, additional storage available with a premium subscription)

You should make sure that you have fully charged the unit before using it. The light should be amber when charging, it should turn off completely when fully charged.

  • Press the power button on the side, it will go from red to blue when it is connected.
  • The Bluetooth connection should be enabled on the MLM, and you should allow Bluetooth connection through your iPhone settings.
  • Go to Profile, you will see an inscription that says “Not Connected”, if you click on that, MLM will show up under available devices.
  • Then select “Play”, and “Practice”. The LED should turn green here.
  • To confirm location use only 1 finger to move the location around and 2 fingers to navigate the direction.
    You do not need to open your phone camera, once you hit play and then practice, you will see that the camera will open within the app. Allowing camera and microphone access is necessary, you can also check that in your iPhone settings. Type “MLM” in the search bar in your iPhone settings to check that.
  • Red target line should be in line with the ball and the end of the target. MLM must see you and the ball in the frame to be able to see the ball flight. Please use the ball area and the golfer area as a guide.